Thursday, April 27, 2023

[FIRST LOOK] Experiential New York Retailer to Open in Atlanta

A popular New York-based business will soon make its Georgia debut.  CAMP, described as "A Family Experience Company," is part toy store, part activity center: a true "experiential" retailer.  The company chose Ashford Lane in Dunwoody to launch the business locally.  
In Ashford Lane, CAMP will, according to planning documents, measure about 14,000 square feet and occupy most of a onetime La-Z-Boy.  Research indicates the Dunwoody CAMP will be the company's largest location to date.  
The new Dunwoody outpost will be just the ninth location nationwide.  Existing CAMP locations include 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, Columbus Circle, Paramus (New Jersey), South Norwalk (Connecticut), Boston, Dallas, and Los Angeles.  (The company previously closed an outpost at the beleaguered Hudson Yards project in New York City)

Ben Kaufman, 36, CAMP's co-founder and CEO, launched the business with his wife Nikki in 2018.  Prior to founding CAMP, Kaufman was the Chief Marketing Officer at BuzzFeed.   Ben also founded electronics accessory company Mophie, and Quirky, an invention platform that connected inventors with companies.  

We here at ToNeTo Atlanta, like Kaufman, grew up in the 90s and fondly recall visits to stores like LearningSmith, Store of Knowlege and Zany Brainy, in addition to Toys R Us, KB Toys and FAO Schwarz.  The explosion of ecommerce shopping, specifically Amazon, has caused many brick & mortar retailers to shutter.  
CAMP hopes to be the answer to parents looking for a modern-day toy store with the addition of a Discovery Zone-like activity with a variety of rotating themed experiences.  According to the CAMP website, the company currently has partnerships with Disney, Nike and Paw Patrol, among others, with whom it collaborates both on activities and merchandise at each CAMP location.  

According to online materials the company may also offer "mommy-and-me yoga sessions, cookie decorating classes, appearances by children’s book authors, musical performances and offers “date night drop-off” babysitting services on the weekends."  

The Atlanta CAMP is already listed on the company's website with several job postings including for a "store experience associate" and "store manager, programming" as well as "Casting Guitarists and Multi-Instrumentalists for a Disney x CAMP Immersive/Interactive Musical Production."   A source at an existing CAMP location indicates the Dunwoody outpost is slated to open in June.  

CAMP made news last month when Kaufman took to social media and the company's email customer list to express his urgent need for capital in light of the company's exposure in the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, the firm that held basically all of CAMP's capital.  In a "BANKRUN" Instagram post, Kaufman offered a 40 % discount.  The promotion worked with CAMP seeing more sales in the following 48 hours than it typically sees in a month.  
When it opens, CAMP will join Hawkers, an Asian street food restaurant which debuted this past Monday in the Ashford Lane project.  Later this summer/fall, new locations of both Grana and Culinary Dropout, as well as "The Hall," a heavily delayed food hall, are also expected to open in the Target anchored project previously known as Perimeter Place.  

Have you ever been to CAMP?  Did you know that the former CEO and founders of Zany Brainy are the creators of Five Below?  Are you excited for the opening of CAMP in Atlanta?  

Please share your thoughts.  


Anonymous said...

I’ve visited this store multiple times in NYC, very exciting that they’re coming to Atlanta. Disappointing that this store won’t be more “in-town”, but this is probably the best location for their first store here. Hopefully they’re successful and can expand to the east side beltline or west midtown.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it will be a great store for the family! Only concern is that I’m familiar with the center and the parking situation will be pretty awful…competing with Target (right behind it) and limited immediate parking right in front. There is a parking garage but it’s a hike. Guess we’ll see how this goes!

Anonymous said...

You must have a very strong constitution if the location of this store disappoints you. Also, nice humblebrag about going to NYC a lot.

Anonymous said...

Who hurt you?

Anonymous said...

My dad always made internet comments that sounded self-important, so I guess I am taking it out on anyone else who does it.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the other anonymous posts -- Dunwoody makes total sense as the center of the metro area for services like this for families etc. This isn't Gilmer County; Dunwoody is the heart of things.

Anonymous said...

Didnt realize lazy boy closed, although im not suprised they overexpanded. In the last year or two the store in douglasville closed. Before that, around 2010 the southlake store closed.

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