Thursday, June 22, 2023

[EXCLUSIVE] Boston Based Burtons Grill & Bar Bound for Former Bank in Buckhead

A renamed Buckhead shopping center will soon welcome a first-to-market restaurant.  Buckhead Landing, previously known to many as the "Disco Kroger" shopping center, will in 2024 welcome Burtons Grill & Bar, a "polished casual" restaurant.  Based in Andover, Massachusetts, Burtons got its start in 2005 and today includes nineteen locations across eight states.  In the south, the chain has a pair of locations in North Carolina and single units in South Carolina and Florida. 

Burtons at Buckhead Landing will open in the onetime Chase Bank on an endcap of the center along Piedmont Road.  Chase, which took over what was previously Washington Mutual (WaMu) in 2008, "moved" their branch to the street level of the Icon apartment highrise along Peachtree Road near Lenox Square in early 2021.  The former bank suite is about 4,700 square feet but will also have a large outdoor patio created when property owner Regency Centers removed the former bank drive-thru and redesigned the area surrounding the space.  

Voted "#1 most allergy-friendly restaurant" 2017-2020 by AllergyEats, Burtons prides itself on accommodating food allergies, sensitivities to gluten, or vegetarian, paleo and other diets.

The restaurant has been described as "Houston's-like" and features a menu centered on burgers, steaks, salads and seafood.  Burtons will no doubt look to capture some of the business left behind by BrickTop's, another Houston's-like concept, which previously closed in the bottom of Terminus, a stone's throw from Buckhead Landing.  

Several of Burtons' co-founders were involved with Outback Steakhouse in the 1990s, including venture capitalist Don Burton, himself an early investor in Outback and the man who gave the restaurant its name.  The original founders sold the business in 2022 to a new group of investors who installed John Haggai, another former Outback Steakhouse alum, as CEO. 

Locations were planned for Palm Beach and Tampa, Florida in 2020 and 2021, respectively, but never opened.  The Buckhead outpost will likely mark the brand's third new unit under the current ownership and leadership.  A new Burtons Grill opened June 20 at Carytown Exchange, another Regency Centers-owned center in Richmond, Virginia.  

A new franchise of Waxing The City also recently signed on to open in the Buckhead center.  Renovations at Buckhead Landing are already underway with leasing materials suggesting that the center and its new tenants will arrive in three phases.   An updated site plan indicates that the center has more than a dozen spaces available, including those previously vacated by Jason's Deli and World Market.  

The biggest arrival at the center will be a new Publix grocery store which will replace the "Disco Kroger" which closed at the end of 2022 after nearly 50 years in business.  The new Publix, on which ToNeTo Atlanta was first to report in 2021, is expected to open in the third quarter of 2024.  Burtons should open by summer 2024.  

Have you ever been to Burtons Grill & Bar?  Do you think Burtons Grill & Bar will do well in Buckhead?  Does the idea of a restaurant that caters to specific dietary needs interest you?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

It will be a crime scene immediately.

Anonymous said...

Won't last in Buckhead without hookah. No cap.

Anonymous said...

That’s what she said to you.

Anonymous said...

I predict it will start off great with good staff and good reviews. Soon however, low tips and demanding clientele will run off the wait staff and service will become mediocre.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:05, Good one, but I'm a chick.

Anonymous said...

Burton's is OK. Would be better if a Kelly's opened up down here instead of the ATL area getting crappy Whataburger and other southern-centric chains. Southerners don't know food.

Anonymous said...

you can leave

Anonymous said...

I am never able to not be anonymous on with this system, so let me say I’m Steve from Dunwoody. We have been to the Burtons in Mount Pleasant, SC and found it underwhelming. Meh food at white linen prices.

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