Monday, December 11, 2023

[EXCLUSIVE] "Big Chicken" Owner Reduces its Flock

At least three local Kenn-Taco (KFC + Taco Bell) locations are eliminating KFC and reopening as only Taco Bell.  ToNeTo Atlanta readers report that KFC/Taco Bell restaurants in West Cobb, Embry Hills, and Roswell have all closed in recent weeks with signage indicating they will reopen as Taco Bell only.  Initial reports were that all locations had closed permanently which is not true.  

The three restaurants are located at 3283 Northcrest Road in Doraville, 4720 Alabama Road in Roswell and 3480 Barrett Parkway in West Cobb.  KBP Foods, a large franchisee of more than 800 restaurants across 25 states, owns the three aforementioned locations as well as many others in metro Atlanta including "The Big Chicken" in Marietta.  The vast majority of the company's restaurants are KFC.   

The company in early 2022 shuttered a KFC restaurant along Windward Parkway in Alpharetta.  Earlier this year Jim 'N Nick's Community Bar-B-Q opened in place of KFC.  

Local readers tell ToNeTo Atlanta that the Embry Hills unit actually started its life as a KFC before adding Taco Bell years later.  The company also owns the KFC at 3901 Buford Highway in Brookhaven, which after years as a KFC, added Pizza Hut and later eliminated Pizza Hut from its offerings.  

KBP is based in Leawood, Kansas and primarily franchises KFC, Taco Bell and Arby's, but according to its website also operates some KFC + A&W locations as well as some KFC + Long John Silvers units.  As of 2021 the company hit $1 billion in system-wide sales

Both Taco Bell and KFC are concepts from YUM! Brands, whereas Arby's is owned by Atlanta-based Inspire Brands.  A&W and Long John Silvers were both previously owned by YUM! but are today independently owned.  

ToNeTo Atlanta inquired with KBP Foods regarding the decision to eliminate KFC from the local units but despite multiple attempts, we received no response.  It's unclear when the Taco Bell units will reopen or if more than the three units in metro Atlanta are affected by the change.  

Are you surprised to see the company close its KFC restaurants?  What is your favorite friend chicken chain?  Do you think Taco Bell is the superior quick serve Mexican chain?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Ham said...

This partnership always seemed weird to me. While I realize I'm stereotyping KFC always seemed like a place Nanny & Papa got a bucket of chicken for the Church social. While Taco Bell seems like a place stoners go when they get the munchies.

Anonymous said...

The location on Hwy 20 in Grayson recently closed the KFC portion and converted entirely to Taco Bell. It originally opened over 20 years ago as KFC/LJS, then dropped LJS for Taco Bell. The conversion was sometime in November and they didn’t close at all, just stopped serving KFC one day.

Anonymous said...

The one in Canton on hwy 140 dumped their KFC and expanded the Taco Bell side

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised to see any KFC close. I don't think they have been good for awhile. The last KFC we went to was the Embry Hills location and the food was not good at all. Our favorite chicken place was Popeye's on Clairmont & Briarcliff that closed this year. Now if we want fried chicken we get it from the Publix deli.

Anonymous said...

Publix deli, chicken tenders, wings and other fried chicken is extremely salted down. It can cause a heart attack! I understand that in general the quality is good but the actual flavoring of salt is not only not good for you. It’s disgusting. Between Popeyes, KFC, Bojangles and churches and Publix the one that’s really Understated and above quality expectations is actually churches Texas chicken. Try their tenders, they’re actually better than Chick-fil-A and have less salt and sodium than Publix or KFC.

Anonymous said...

What’s the difference between salt and sodium? Are you saying Churchs fried chicken is healthy? Good!

Anonymous said...

Salt is the ingredient and sodium is how it’s measured. Therefore if something has less of one or the other, they automatically have less of the other. Less sodium equals less salt and less salt equals less sodium. now there are things that contain sodium naturally that have no added salt. Either way too much of it can cause your blood pressure to rise quickly. It’s not healthy also collectively throughout the day you can’t have too much or too many items that have low salt and low sodium because collectively it will equal a high sodium intake for the day. Once you get out of the habit of using lots of salt, you’ll see that your pallet for other spices especially ones that are a little hotter than others will adjust to accommodate.

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