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[EXCLUSIVE] Raising Cane's Could Be Destined for Dunwoody

ToNeTo Atlanta has been your number one source for updates on the Atlanta market entry of Raising Cane's and we are pleased to report that another Raising Cane's is in the works!  A new Raising Cane's is being proposed in Dunwoody where it would replace a former Wells Fargo bank. 

The new Raising Cane's is planned for 4570 Ashford Dunwoody Road, between existing locations of McDonald's and North Italia.  (Wells Fargo previously downsized and relocated to the new Publix-anchored Perimeter Marketplace nearby.)  

Carl Jenkins, real estate manager for the Baton Rouge-based chain, presented plans for the restaurant to the Dunwoody Homeowners Association April 14.  Although ToNeTo Atlanta reached out to Jenkins for comment on the proposal, he did not immediately respond to our inquiry.

ToNeTo Atlanta readers who did attend the meeting report that Jenkins answered all questions that were asked and seemed to have good, comprehensive responses.  Jenkins, who has previously worked in senior real estate capacities for the companies that own Panda Express and Fleming's, among others, reportedly stressed how excited Raising Cane's was to be part of the Dunwoody community.  The property's size, just over 1.5 acres, would also allow for enhanced landscaping and increased "car-stacking," which Jenkins suggested would limit the potential traffic impact.   

The presentation was preliminary but was done to gauge support for the proposal which needs a SLUP (Special Land Use Permit), for the restaurant's drive-thru, in order to move forward.  Those in attendance suggested that generally speaking, the proposal was well received.  

The roughly 3,000 square foot restaurant would be far smaller than the former Wells Fargo which spanned nearly 14,000 square feet over two levels and has five drive-thru lanes.

Although reportedly not yet scheduled, the next step will be for the SLUP request to be presented to the Dunwoody City Council and eventually voted on. 

The proposed Raising Cane's lies about a block from where the quick-serve chicken chain had reportedly tried but failed previously to get approval for a restaurant in an out parcel of Perimeter Mall, next to Lazy Dog.  Raising Cane's, according to multiple real estate sources, was also in the running to land in an out parcel of Perimeter Square (132 Perimeter Center West) where TJ Maxx, Haverty's, and Academy Sports+Outdoors are anchors.  The "up to 3,000 square foot" out parcel is being marketed by TSCG and is currently taking steps to get their SLUP approved, too.  

After having just one location in Georgia for many years, Raising Cane's expanded from Athens to include a new unit in Dacula last March.  They later debuted their heavily delayed unit on Buford Drive near the Mall of Georgia this past August, followed by a restaurant on Highway 92 in Woodstock this past February.  

A new location on Scenic Highway in Snellville is slated to open soon.  Other upcoming locations include those planned for Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth where the chain is replacing a former Steak 'n Shake and on Jonesboro Road in McDonough where Raising Cane's is replacing a former O'Charley's. 

The Snellville location would mark the third Raising Cane's in Gwinnett County while the Dunwoody restaurant would be the first in DeKalb County.   

For those unfamiliar - aka non "Caniacs" -  of which there don't seem to be many, Raising Cane's features a very simple menu with a focus on fried chicken tenders.  Menu offerings also include a fried chicken sandwich, crinkle-cut fries, Texas Toast, and coleslaw, an item famously eliminated from the menu at rival Chick-fil-A in early 2016.        

ToNeTo Atlanta is tracking several additional Raising Cane's restaurants but two that could have been the first to open inside the perimeter failed to materialize.     

University of Georgia graduate Todd Graves, along with his business partner Craig Silvey, opened the first Raising Cane's in Baton Rouge near the LSU campus in 1996.  Graves, who worked for Guthrie's (which proudly claims to be "America's Original Chicken Finger Restaurant") while in school in Athens, would later return to the Classic City in 2006 when he opened a new Raising Cane's on land that had been home to Guthrie's from 1984 until its closure in 2004.     

Ranked by Average Unit Volume (AUV), Raising Cane's is typically second, just behind Chick-fil-A.  In 2023, the company surpassed 700 Raising Cane's restaurants across 37 states.  In 2022, the company said it planned to open at least ten locations in Georgia in the coming years.        

Are you excited about the opening of Raising Cane's in metro Atlanta?  Who do you think makes the best chicken tenders?  Where else in metro Atlanta would you like to see Raising Cane's open?      

Please share your thoughts below.


Anonymous said...

Salty and greasy zaxby's and raisin (LoL) cane are both overrated and expensive! Why can't this town get something different?? If we are going to have the same old same stuff then bring in Jack in the box, Fazoli's, Farmer boys, In-N-Out Burger, expand Bonchon and Culver's. I know raisin cane people are crying because they can't wait to pay a lot of money for overrated popcorn chicken and the famous mayo/ketchup/secret spice sauce but can we please get something else? Please?

Anonymous said...

Seems ashamed to demolish a fairly new and nice looking office building for a fast food drive thru, but I guess that's progress.

Robert C said...

YEEESSSS!!! My family has been waiting for a Raising Canes to come to the Perimeter ever since we moved here. Please make it happen!!

Anonymous said...

So excited!

Anonymous said...

We don’t need another fast food chicken restaurant in Dunwoody, in my opinion. How about a nicer quality restaurant like Carbonara Trattoria?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4/16/24 10:36am:
What exactly are you looking for?

While an abandoned bank is cool for some, I am happy to see a well-liked restaurant come to the area. I'm eager to try Canes but think that Super Chix nearby is going to be hard to beat in that category.

Perimeter area already has pretty much every type of food and restaurant out there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you regarding Super checks. The quality is unmatched, the fries are not frozen, and frankly the chicken is not as salty as other options in the marketplace. Not as salty as Chick-fil-A or Publix by the way, Chick-fil-A uses MSG on everything go to the nutrition label on the app.

Anonymous said...

@april 17, 2024 at 3:48 PM

Who are you responding to? 10:36am? Ghost?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

who is ashamed?

Anonymous said...

Deep fried checks are delicious, especially when they are written for over $100

Anonymous said...

Space Ghost. Coast to coast!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they put a coke macine in the old safe in th bank. Like when shic fila was by Grogia State Uni. Eat in the old safe! Neat

Anonymous said...

Make it! Go make it, take it, fake it!

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