Monday, May 13, 2024

[CLOSURE ALERT] Nur Kitchen Closes in Doraville For A Second Time, Could Reopen Elsewhere

Nur Kosher Kitchen on Buford Highway in Doraville has closed after little more than a year.  The restaurant, located at 7130 Buford Highway (outparcel of Global Forum shopping center), first opened in 2020 before closing in late 2022, only to be reopened by a new owner in January 2023.  The restaurant closed as of May 9, according to a post to its official Facebook page. 

Things started slowly when Nur, which billed itself as an “authentic modern Mediterranean” restaurant, first opened in 2020.  Chef Shay Lavi (now at Old Fourth Ward's Third Space) was brought in to helm Nur in 2021.  Lavi, whose Rozina Bakehouse in downtown Atlanta had a cult-like following but ultimately closed due to its odd location, seemed to find his calling in Nur.   At Nur, Lavi focused on Israeli and Middle Eastern favorites like schnitzel and shawarma as well as vegetarian offerings like falafel, hummus, and plenty of mezzes, or small plates.  The restaurant even made its own pita!  Nur was open five days a week (Tuesday through Saturday) for lunch and dinner.  

Elad Hazut, who had reportedly owned eight kosher restaurants in south Florida, and his business partner, David Razon, took over Nur and turned it kosher in early 2023.  Making Nur kosher meant limiting its hours (meaning no dinner service Fridays or Saturdays) but the duo hoped to cater to Atlantans seeking not only fresh and flavorful Mediterranean classics, but also banking on the fact that people were willing to travel for kosher fare.  

The closing statement, copied below, did not provide much in the way of an explanation, but did leave open the possibility of a reopening in the future.  

"Effective May 9, 2024, we will sadly be closing our doors. It has been a pleasure serving our customers, who became friends and family over the years. We hope to open our doors again, should circumstances allow. Until then, we want you to know how much we value you as a customer. Once again, thank you for contributing to the memories we’ve made at Nur Kitchen. It has been an honor serving you."

According to a comment left by Nur in response to their closure announcement, they are "working on moving to the Brookhaven area."  

Did you ever visit Nur, either during its first or second iteration?  What is your favorite kosher restaurant in metro Atlanta?  Where would you like to see them open if they resurface in Brookhaven?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Jay Damoli said...

No dinner service on Friday or Saturday nights - the two nights most people would go out to dinner. SMART MOVE!

Anonymous said...

Prior poster clearly is not familiar with laws of kashrut. The real issue is that a)Atlantans are really not that inclined to travel far for a restaurant dinner and this 'global forum' location is probably a mile or so beyond the more dense restaurant area. I'm doubting that any kosher restaurant can flourish in Atlanta. The Mexican place in that same place is pretty good, but quite expensive, and not very busy from what I can tell.

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