Friday, June 7, 2024

[ALERT] Popular Dry Cleaners Going Out of Business in Chastain Park

EZ One Price Cleaners, a business that debuted its services at $1.99 and ultimately doubled their price, is "going out of business."  The dry cleaners, located at 4314 Roswell Road in Chastain Park, first opened in 2013 and eventually grew to also include locations on Cheshire Bridge Road (2014) and another on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs (2015).  

Originally, all three locations offered basic dry cleaning for "one price:" $1.99 per piece.  Gradually the chain raised their price, first to $2.29, then $2.59, $2.79 then $2.99.  2021 brought the biggest jump when the price shot up to $3.99.  The new price represented a 33% increase over the prior price and a 100% increase since launch! 

In the years since, ownership sold off the other two locations to independent owners and focused exclusively on Chastain Park.  Despite hiking their prices and selling off the other two locations, management tells ToNeTo Atlanta readers that the landlord recently sold the property and that there was simply not enough business to stay open.

Reportedly excited by the investment made by a new plastic surgery center in an adjacent parcel, the dry cleaners' landlord sought to sell his property, hoping to take advantage of the interest in the area.  According to Fulton County tax records, investor/developer Malik Karimi via his Alpha 21 LLC purchased the roughly .67 acre parcel for $3.65 million on March 24.  

The roughly 6,000 square foot dry cleaners building was before its current use a Benjamin Moore paint store.  It's unclear what if any immediate plans Malik has for the Roswell Road property.  

EZ One Price Cleaners in Chastain Park is no longer taking new items for cleaning and is only returning cleaned items to customers.  Signage directing would-be customers to the Sandy Springs and Cheshire Bridge locations which sport 3.3 and 3.2 star ratings on Google, respectively, with the last six reviews of the Cheshire Bridge location being one star each.   

The Chastain Park business is due to vacate the property as of June 30.  

Have you reduced or eliminated your dry cleaning over the past year?  What would you like to see replace EZ One Price Cleaners in Chastain Park?  Is there a product or service that you can't live without no matter the price?  

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Would make a great smoke shop...with hookah of course.

Anonymous said...

Or hookers! That’s even better.

Anonymous said...

I used to get clothes cleaned there! (pre-pandemic) I rode by there some moths ago and wondered how they are still open, and do people really still dry clean their shirts. I guess not.

Anonymous said...

My wife had skirts cleaned there and she got moths too. They et up holes in the skirt.

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