Friday, May 8, 2009

Prickly Pear Taqueria Soon to Fix Midtown's Taco Drought

Prickly Pear will open late next week in Plaza Midtown and will feature a menu similar to Tin Lizzy's and slightly lower in price than The Original El Taco. The eatery is taking roughly half of the former Amore space: the space gives them a second level of "lounge style" seating. Prickly Pear will also have an entire wall of various tequilas on the main level bar. The eatery will feature some green aspects such as refurbished Delta Air Lines seats from a decommissioned Boeing airplane. They have also utilized lettering from old airport signage, the letters "P, P and T" to represent Prickly Pear Taqueria from the rebranding of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport years ago. All in all a nice addition to the neighborhood, and at a great price considering the economy. Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

When? Any updates? What's taking them so long? I need my tacos and tequila in walking distance!

Duan said...

So of course I was excited when they opened up the Prickly Pear last week downstairs from my condo at the Plaza Midtown. Last night after I left the gym, I decided to swing by and grab a to go order to take it back upstairs. It looks really nice on the inside. I walk in, sit at the bar and everything went downhill from there :-( It was 9:23 when I walked in. Mind you it was a little busy for a Tuesday night, but the bartender didn't even take my order for another 10 minutes. I order. I'm sitting, waiting......waiting.......waiting........waiting........ it's 10PM. "Can someone check on my order please? And I'll just eat it here since I've been here for awhile" "It will be out momentarily sir" was their reply. Food comes to me at 10:12PM and I am so hungry I can taste it. I grab a bite and everything, and I do mean everything was cold. So of course I put in a complaint to the bartender, in which she looked like she couldn't handle crowds and she told me she would get the manager. So I wait.........and wait.....and wait.......and wait...... I ask again and she says he will be right up.......It is almost 10:45 and the manager comes up and I explain to him "Look sir, I really would like to come back here again and give you all another try but it took forever to get my food, once it got here it was cold, can I just give this shrimp tortilla and taco back and just order a buffalo chicken pizza and get that to go and it be fresh?" He says he will bring it right out. So I wait about another ten minutes and he brings me a pizza out. I pull out my credit card to pay and he says not to worry about it. I actually smiled, thanked him and hoped that I could come back another day and enjoy a better experience. It doesn't end..... I got upstairs to my unit excited to eat and opened the box and am confused because I ordered the buffalo chicken pizza. What I got was
Black bean puree, woodgrilled chicken, mozzarella, sliced avocado,
crema fresca, tomatillo salsa, cilantro

This was a complete disaster. If they could beef up their service it may get better but I give this place 2 thumbs down.

Duan L Dempsey

shifty said...

Seriously, I went to this place for the first time after being told months ago that it was terrible by my coworkers. This place is a joke. I'd give it 1 star out of 5.

I should have listened to them and Duan. I went with a friend, he got two brisket tacos and yucca fries. I got carnitas, al pastor and chorizo tacos with a side of yucca fries.

They have a serious salt problem. The yucca fries had so much salt on them that they looked like churros! To eat them, you had to wipe off the salt with a wet napkin, then try them, and even then they were too salty! Mindboggling. To add insult to injury, my friend's plate had a hunk of salt rock on it the size of half a pingpong ball.

Move on to the tacos - I expect that it would be well-seasoned after not being able to eat more than 2 yucca fries. Wrong. The al pastor taco was bland as can be, and looked nothing like what a real al pastor should look (watery Manwich? looks like my mom's pathetic idea of spaghetti sauce!). The carnitas looked good once I got it - they gave me camarones instead! The carnitas had zero salt, what kind of pork has no salt? Must be martian pig? I had to shake a yucca fry over it to sprinkle an extra teaspoon of salt into the taco. I took two bites out of the camarones taco just to taste it, and the shrimp had a very unusual taste to it that didn't sit well with me.

As someone that is less than a block of this place, it's a bit pathetic, and, seriously, even Zocalo had better taquerias than this place. At least the guys at Zocalos get the quinnesential Al Pastor taco correct.

This place is terrible. Avoid like the plague!!

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