Thursday, January 14, 2010

Parish Market Cajun Kitchen, Opens, Closes, Opens, Closes...Done?

With little foot traffic and no PR, Parish Market Cajun Kitchen seemed troubled even before it opened. With offerings ranging from fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts to canned groceries to fast-casual dining, this place was doing too much, too soon. You have to establish the business, gain a following and THEN introduce more variety and add services; to do it from the onset is ill-advised and may very well have led to their seemingly imminent closure. Located along Luckie Street not close enough to GSU for student traffic and not close enough to the Dome / GWCC / Philips to benefit from their traffic, Parish Market should have selected their site a little more carefully. While Ted's Montana Grill and the New Era flagship are a few doors down, neither really lends much to the success of such a strange business. Parish Market originally opened last September and had closed sporadically over the past few months. As of now, the business is closed to "add a bar", so I'm told , but with paper covering the main door's window, blinded shut and their phone "temporarily disconnected", I think we can consider this a closure. In a strange twist there was talk earlier this week that the other Parish in town was closed...the other Parish being Concentrics Parish Foods & Goods in Inman Park. According to my contact at Concentrics, not only is Parish not closed but it is actually growing and is continuing to see improvement in business in the ever-growing Inman Park neighborhood. While the restaurant did recently announce it would be closed on Mondays, chef Nick Melvin's culinary creations keep creole connoisseurs coming back. ToNeTo Atlanta


Rorirose01 said...

does anyone have the corporate information for the luckie street location? I heard they are based in Texas and desparately need to speak to them.

Atlantan99 said...

Hello Nichole,

As far as I know, this was their one and only location. To the best of my knowledge, the business was family operated and was based in Atlanta. Sorry if this is of little help. You might try stopping by as the space has not been cleared out yet.

Thanks for the comment and reading the blog.


Anonymous said...

No its demise is that it wasn't good and there are better alternatives in the neighborhood. I tried it twice last year and both times blah.

Of course Concentrics, outside of Murphy's which it didn't start, build great spaces and serve mediocre (at best) food - IMO.

Anonymous said...

they had an issue with their name conflicting with Parish. they are reopening on 2/25 as Creole Kitchen. They are also in the process of getting their liquor permit. give it a shot

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