Monday, June 7, 2010

WaterHaven Restaurant May Be Sinking In Tech Square

WaterHaven Restaurant, located in Technology Square near 5th and Spring Streets closed this past Thursday for what is being called "renovations".

Sheets of paper affixed to the front doors read as follows:

"WaterHaven will be closed starting June 1 for renovations. Please visit for more information or email"

WaterHaven restaurant recently celebrated its one year anniversary having first opened in May of 2009. When the restaurant opened, it took over for another eatery, The Globe, that developed a cult following of sorts, but not enough business to maintain operations. Joe McCarthy, who opened WaterHaven had previously worked for a number of upscale chain eateries. I feel like he may have over anticipated the traffic this space receives. It's not far from midtown but with limited parking, its still limited in its accessibility to many.

Unlike my experience with Sweet Auburn Bistro, you are able to view their menu via OpenTable, though the page states " This restaurant is currently unavailable." It's any ones guess whether they will actually reopen but having dropped their PR firm (Melissa Libby and Associates) and being unreachable by phone are not good signs. ToNeTo Atlanta

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Atlantan99 said...

Just got word form an inside source there is more to this story. The source was unable to divulge any additional info as its still very much a fluid situation, more to come by weeks end...

Anonymous said...

Waterhaven had a PR firm? That gave them great publicity, money well spent. The food was ok but NO ONE knew about them. Except maybe on the PR friend's email list.

The same thing happened to Saskatoon. But the food is off the Sysco truck God awful and the publicity even worse.

Freebies get bodies there but repeat visits never. Last time I checked, a business doesn't make money if they give away food.

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