Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bhojanic Expands into Buckhead

Bhojanic restaurant, located on Clairmont Road in Decatur, will soon open a second location.  Having developed a following in the area since their opening in 2003, Bhojanic owner Archna Becker will open Bhojanic Buckhead in the former Y-3 store in The Shops Around Lenox.  Y-3, a co-brand of Asian designer Yohji Yammamoto and Adidas, lasted until 2008 in the center, but was too niche a brand to survive in the (then) hidden space.  Now the area has been revamped and is more open and welcoming than when Y-3 was open.  Interestingly though, the space has been made smaller as when
Paper Source opened on the left, they took a portion of the former Y-3 space.  ( As you can see in the photo, the former Y-3 space has been used as a staging and storing area during the center's renovations ) 

Bhojanic serves tapas style cuisine from Northern India and its popularity led Becker to open Bhojan Market adjacent to the restaurant's Decatur location.  At the market, patrons and neighbors can stock up on freshly ground Indian spices, gifts, prepared meals or even take a cooking class.  

Surely it is no accident that Bhojanic chose this week to announce the opening, as Crate & Barrel opens its relocated store in the same center today.  Crate & Barrel closed its 2 level store in Lenox Square earlier this month and is now in a similarly sized single level store in The Shops Around Lenox, adjacent to Lenox Square.  

The center as a whole has gone under an extreme makeover of sorts with new stores, new signage, improved landscaping and subtle speed humps. Additionally, Paper Source, an Atlanta-based stationery and gift business opened their second location in the center last year and Atlanta-based DEKA athletics relocated to the center from a smaller space on Pharr Road last year.  Crate & Barrel's planned opening in the project is what lured many to the revamped project last year like lululemon athletica, a Vancouver-based yoga and athletic wear company.  

Hashiguchi Jr., a Japanese eatery  and Dantatanna's, an upscale sportsbar, represent the other dining options in the center.  

Personally, I'm excited to see Bhojanic in Buckhead as until now, the only Indian offering was Raja on Peachtree by the Peach shopping center, and its not all that great. 

Indian cuisine as a whole has seen a great deal of interest as of late, with the recent opening of Cardamon Hill in Berkley Heights and the upcoming opening of NaanStop downtown near GSU.

Becker told me this morning the restaurant should be open by mid summer, hopefully by August.  The restaurant will seat 135 guests inclusive of outdoor patio dining. The restaurant will be open 7 days a week for both lunch and dinner, and feature live music througfhout the week. 

What do you think of this addition to Buckhead?  Do you, like me, think the addition of a Buckhead location makes far more sense than totally relocating to Buckhead as Watershed has done?  What is your favorite ethnic cuisine?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.  

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Anonymous said...

These are great changes to the shopping center, but what about parking? It has always seemed inadequate.

Atlantan99 said...

I tend to agree and also can't remember the last time I did not see at least 3 boots on cars. It's my understanding that Crate & Barrel plans to make use of the underground parking below its space so that should alleviate some of the issues.

Thanks for reading and for the comments.

Zach Bailey said...

We went to the new Crate & Barrel today and utilized the under-store parking. Overall I am very impressed with the make-over of that off-mall-strip-mall (say that ten times fast). My previous impression of the shops in there were that for the most part they were too designer-y and inaccessible (roche bobois is still the lone holdout in that regard now), so I'm very glad more down-to-earth stores have taken up residence there.

As far as the Buckhead food scene, I'm a big fan of both Dantanna's and Hashiguchi Jr. and I think Bhojanic will be an awesome addition. I am a big fan of their Decatur-ish location and since I work in Buckhead the addition of more reasonable lunch options and variety is always welcome. I could definitely see myself eating there for lunch at least once a week for lunch.

Amy said...

they are paying high rent and people do not eat Indian very often. By Emory, there is a huge Indian population and a more ethinic and diverse group plus college kids. Not the same in Buckhead. Daytime will be tough as the center has parking issues already and another restaurant is not a great thing. For lunch Indian can be tricky as many people cannot handle it too often. To pay the rent in that center they would have to do triple their business from Clairmont and I find that tough to happen.

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