Wednesday, September 19, 2012

RaceTrac at it Again and Near a QuikTrip Too!

At least two more RaceTrac stations coming soon to the metro

I've done a number of postings about the battle for intown gas station sites, with Atlanta-based RaceTrac trying to play catch-up to Tulsa, Oklahoma-based QuikTrip.  Now another RaceTrac is in the works.  RacesTrac is constructing a new next generation convenience store and gas station at 7140 Buford Highway, less than two miles from where QuikTrip opened one of their Gen3 stores earlier this year.

Although not directly across the street from the QuikTrip like RaceTrac's upcoming location on Lawrenceville Highway near Northlake Parkway, and planned location on Lawrenceville Highway near North DeKalb Mall, RaceTrac is no longer staying in the burbs.  Another new RaceTrac is planned for 624 Buford Drive in Lawrenceville, but its recent intown projects are most significant.

The new QuikTrip at Clairmont and Briarcliff Roads is scheduled to open early next month, and  their planned Chamblee-Tucker location has apparently finally been approved.  RaceTrac got an unexplained late start on their location near Northlake Parkway, but it should open by early next year.

Some readers have said they don't like both stations dominating and feel it will lead to higher prices while other applaud their arrival in their community.  Where do you stand? Weigh in and share your thoughts in the comment section below.


MirandaT said...

interesting! Do you know which one is opening on the corner of Chattahoochee Ave (off Howell Mill) & Ellsworth Industrial? I heard it might be one of those... was just curious which one! thank you

Anonymous said...

give me clean, fast, cheap c-stores anyday over the dingy, grimy ones where you push money through a 2 inch thick sheet of bullet-proof whatever.

i know for a fact that QT has built their entire business on having the lowest gas prices possible ... and obviously it's been a huge success for them. Why would they change a model that has gotten them where they are to date ?

more power to both the big boys .. leave the dingy c-stores for the unwashed to stand around and scratch their Jimbo tickets.

Anonymous said...

Although OTP, there is another RaceTrac under construction at PIB & Jimmy Carter Blvd.

Atlantan99 said...


That parcel will be a gas station but will not be a QT or RaceTrac. I passed by the construction a few weeks ago myself but have thus far been unable to determine who will operate the station ( which branding ) I hope to have an update soon.

Thanks for reading and for the comments!

Rob said...

Here's another proposed for PowersFerry Rd.

mindspringyahoo said...

I add this information only because it pertains to Buford Highway:

The former Alvarados (just ITP) is now 'Tostones Latin Cafe'.

Just OTP, at BuHi and Longmire, there was a Krystal, then it became French's Boots. The French's just closed. Poor boot place, I never saw any cars in the lot other than the employee or two that worked there. And they made the former Krystal pretty heinous, too.

Anonymous said...

Racetrac isnt exclusively in the burbs... there's one on the westside of Atlanta, at Bolton Rd and Marietta Blvd.

Miranda, as nice as it would be for a QT to go in that space, the lot is not nearly big enough, and it wouldn't be a RaceTrac... the previously mentioned RaceTrac is nearby.

This is the first time I have even heard that it was going to be a gas station, which is fine by me. I'm just glad to see it's not going to be yet another furniture or suit store, or restaurant that would be closed on sundays and/or at dinnertime.

Atlantan99 said...

@Anon & Miranda,

The new structure being built is a Chevron so I'm told. It will be one of their largest to date in Atlanta. The fact that it's being privately funded ( by Fidelity Bank ) was an obvious indicator that it would not be QT or RT given they have inhouse finance departments for new construction.

Thanks for your interest and for the comments.

mindspringyahoo said...

The former Tostones now has some signs in place, and it looks like the next failed concept will be opening soon. I've driven by it a few times, and the sign has the worst font ever and I can't read it. Rule #1: use a font that people can read.

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