Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jack Spade Scores Its First Atlanta Location

Inside Jack Spade's Greene Street location in SoHo
Jack Spade will likely open a new location at White Provision early next year. 

The brand is more or less the male counterpart of Kate Spade, although the brands operate separately and the only thing connecting them is their corporate owner, Liz Claiborne.

Personally, Jack Spade is one of my favorite lines, and I always hoped an actual store would come to Atlanta.  I carry their simple black leather messenger bag to work and have clothing from them for nearly every occasion.  Jack Spade likely chose the west side over Lenox Square given the brand is more edgy and fits well with its neighboring retailers.  Having visited the brand's stores in California, Boston, New York and Chicago, I'm eager to see what they do on the west side.

Though known mostly for their bags and funky Paul Smith-like accessories, Jack Spade's foray into ready to wear has been well received and its collection is ever growing. I will admit, I'm always wary of paying a premium price for a luxury good that's made in China, but Jack Spade has partnered with a number of domestic and international partners to broaden their offerings. 

The brand's Warren Street and Greene Street lines feature many items that for the most part, are made in China.  However, via their partnerships with Massachusetts based Southwick, they offer a variety of suits, all made right here in the USA. Southwick dates back to 1929, and provides Jack Spade with a unique brand extension and a quality U.S. made product.  Additionally, Jack Spade also partnered with UK-based Barbour, a well known outerwear company specializing in waxed jackets and other waterproof outerwear.  Barbour goods are generally made in the U.K. and allow Jack Spade to expand their offerings and for Barbour to gain exposure to U.S. consumers.  Selima Optique also partnered with Jack Spade providing a seasonal variety of sunglasses made in France exclusively for Jack Spade.

Up until now, Jack Spade clothing was a bit hard to find in Atlanta but recently Nordstrom at Phipps Plaza has joined Bloomingdale's at Lenox in carrying the clothing collection in addition to select bags, wallets and accessories 

Drew Lewis is listed as the only Atlanta area retailer to get the brand now, but as we all know, Drew Lewis closed earlier this summer.

Sources tell me a deal is in place for them to open at the west side project, but the exact location of the boutique is not yet available.  I'd guess that the store will likely be near Billy Reid, but for all I know it may very well open closer to Sid Mashburn.  Westside Provisions District and the neighboring White Provision are home to not only cool local shops like Sid and Ann Mashburn, but also lululemon athletica and Free People among others, making it an attractive retail destination.

Jack Spade will surely be a great addition to the growing retail lineup.


Anonymous said...

Great news. I love what they are doing in this development... Hope it keeps spreading in the area. Are they building something across the street from (East of) Room and Board?

Anonymous said...

Jack Spade is awesome... I got the Kate Spade store in Lenox to order me black canvas laptop messenger about 8 years ago.... at that time Bloomingdales ony carried the small bags and wallets... and I have a leather wallet by JS that I still use and its about 7 years old... great stuff....

Atlantan99 said...

@Anon RE: Development,

There is talk that the parcel you speak of along with at least two others will be redeveloped into new restaurants and possibly retail as well. Nothing is set in stone that I know of. Stay tuned...

Thanks for reading the blog and for the question.

Anonymous said...

West Midtown is turning into a nice shopping destination. Hopefully the momentum continues.

Anonymous said...

It will be an apartment development known as Elan Westside.

It was initially planned by the team that developed White Provisions but was later sold an apartment developer. The same team however, will still handle the retail space so there could definitely be more of the same across the street.

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