Monday, December 31, 2012

SAVI Provisions Opening in Buckhead

SAVI Provisions (Urban Market) will soon open a new location in Buckhead at Tuxedo Festival.

Paul Nair opened the first SAVI Urban Market on Elizabeth Street in Inman Park in the fall of 2009, and last fall opened a second location on Dresden Drive in Brookhaven.

The newest SAVI will open in place of Party City (which relocated to The Peach) in the refreshed Tuxedo Festival center.  Just a few short years ago, the center was home to a few restaurants, the aforementioned Party City, Blockbuster Video and a couple of retailers.  Today, Flip Burger Boutique, Zo√ęs Kitchen, Gigi's Cupcakes, Menchie's Frozen Yogurt, Edible Arrangements and Lotus Salon all call Tuxedo Festival home. 

Mr. Nair had previously planned to add a second level to his Brookhaven location, but after being denied it due to a reduction of already limited parking, it's highly unlikely the new city of Brookhaven will grant him any concessions.   Instead, the Buckhead location and its nearly 15,000 square feet will likely serve as the chain's headquarters and flagship, and perhaps as a commissary for the other open and proposed locations.   According to the SAVI website, there are also locations planned for both Midtown and Emory, though exact locations are apparently not yet confirmed. 

Signage promoting the upcoming store indicate that the gourmet market will feature organic foods,  fine wine + spirits and "tastings + special occasions."  SAVI could fill the Buckhead void left from the closure of Eatzi's back in late 2006.  SAVI's success lies largely in the logistics of the now crowded center.  Currently there area number of  "10 Minute" parking spots outside the upcoming SAVI but not enough spaces in general to satisfy current parking needs of the center.

Tuxedo Wine & Spirits / Tuxedo Fine Wines was previously announced and approved to open in the SAVI space but apparently opted not to open.  The wine shop was approved by NPU-B in 2010 but never pulled the trigger.

I'm told Mr. Nair is targeting a late March / early April opening for the Buckhead store.

Are you excited about the SAVI opening in Buckhead?  Do you still miss Eatzi's?  Where do you go for gourmet foods in Buckhead?  Is Tuxedo Festival too full to successfully add such a large anchor?  Please share your thoughts below.


Anonymous said...

I live near this shopping center and parking is horrible. That said, it would've nice to see something fill this huge empty spot.

K-Dogg said...

The SAVI Market concept would do gangbusters in Midtown... just saying.

Anonymous said...

Parking will be a major issue here as it already is. Even without this place you cannot park here at lunch during the week. Great to see a new tenant but will be curious to see how they solve the parking issue.

Anonymous said...

Savi in Brookhaven had their plans approved months ago in Dekalb, why would they have to get them reapproved through the city of Brookhaven?

Anonymous said...

And the Buckhead store is already open, not the March/April date you posted.

Anonymous said...

Gallery Cafe is my favorite restaurant there. Why no mention?

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