Monday, December 31, 2012

You Can Get Your Tatt Off Here

Beverly Hills, California-based Dr. Tattoff will soon open a location in Buckhead.

The tattoo removal business will open its first southern location in Buckhead at Buckhead Triangle, at the corner of Wieuca and Peachtree Roads.  FedEx Office downsized their space ahead of the h.h. gregg opening and Dr. Tattoff will occupy the last remaining portion of their former space.

Tattoo removal has become a booming business over the past few years, and Dr. Tattoff has become one of the first major chains in the new industry.  The business will have a total of ten locations open by early next year with 80% of them being either in California or Texas, apparently their biggest markets. 

Seeing that many millenials and other 20-30 somethings are now realizing that tattooing their then favorite boy, band,  presidential candidate or star may not have been the best idea, tattoo removal salons have been quietly sprouting up across the country.  Dr. Tattoff tattoo removal usually costs about $49 per square inch, per treatment, but could be less depending on the treatment. Typically, a client needs between five and twelve treatments to fully remove an unwanted tattoo. 

Clearly, if you get anything from this post, it's that getting a tattoo in the first place may be a bad idea, and if you need to get it off, there is now a place.

Do you have a tattoo you need removed?  Do you regret getting a tattoo but can't bring yourself to get it removed?  If you want a tattoo, where/why do you want it?  Please share your thoughts below.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that HH Gregg is doing well at all. I drive by there daily and there are never cars parked down there around HH Gregg, even on weekends. Unless they have some wholesale or BtB operating out of that store, I don't think it's doing well at all.

The Container Store is a rocking success apparently. What they did with that space is pretty amazing. I wasn't sure moving from that prime Peachtree/Piedmont location was a great move but they obviously are a destination retailer and knew their customers would follow them. And the better parking is a huge bonus.

Anonymous said...

The HH Gregg location is just weird and doesn't lend itself to drive-by customers. Not enough traffic heading north on Roxboro to pull in the drive-by shopper. The parking lot configuration is also odd, not that it has anything to deal with sales. I did get a great deal on a new laptop there recently though.

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