Friday, October 25, 2013

Another Goldberg's Deli is Coming to Midtown

Another Goldberg's is coming to Atlanta.

Auburn, Alabama-based Momma Goldberg's Deli is coming to midtown Atlanta. The restaurant will open in the street level retail of the new SkyHouse Midtown apartment building that opened earlier this year at corner of 12th and West Peachtree Streets. The roughly 2100 square foot restaurant is slated to open early next year.

Momma Goldberg's started in Auburn in 1976, and today includes restaurants in Alabama, Georgia and Florida.  The Georgia locations are all in the outer suburbs like LaGrange, Warner Robins and Athens, making their seemingly similar name to Atlanta's Goldberg's Bagel & Deli less of an issue, until now.

Goldberg's Bagel & Deli started in 1972 in Atlanta and today operates seven locations across metro Atlanta in addition to a number of contracted locations at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  Goldberg's midtown location, at Colony Square, is less than a mile from where Momma Goldberg's plans to open, giving Atlanta's Goldberg's a strong case for action against the newcomer.  

This potential tiff reminds me of the mini spat between Einstein Bros. Bagels and Metrotainment's Einstein's in midtown Atlanta.  As I recall, Einstein entered the market as Melvyn & Elmo's (the brothers Einstein) but eventually changed their name to Einstein Bros. Bagels in Atlanta ( I was a lot younger, and less informed back then, so if you recall the exacts, feel free to comment)

Momma Goldberg's appears not to offer bagels, but its main menu of deli sandwiches is rather similar to that of Atlanta's Goldberg's.  One reader contacted me as I was researching this story reasoned with me that while the names may be similar, the two concepts are quite different.

Mama Goldberg's original Auburn location
"It's nasty but soooo good. They yell at you like Varsity and everybody's in a bad mood, the equipment is 1,000 years old but OH BOY is it good.  Momma G's is more of a Subway but better + beer - like a Bar & Grill but let's just say Bar & Deli."

I have not been to a Momma Goldberg's so I will withhold judgement on its food until after it opens.

Have you been to Momma Goldberg's?
Is it gonna do well in midtown Atlanta?
Does ATL's Goldberg's or this 'Bama import serve a better Reuben?

Please weigh in and share your thoughts.  


Paul said...

Weird location. The stretches of both Spring and West Peachtree b/w 10th and 14th are both pretty desolate, especially at night. They might get some walkers from the Atlantic Center office buildings for lunch, if the food is worth it. Seems like they picked the wrong Skyhouse - the new one currently under construction on 6th b/w Peachtree and Juniper would be a much better location, with much better foot traffic.

SB said...

Have been to the main Auburn location during a football Saturday. Despite the crowds, their operations ran smoothly and had a big menu of subs and clean place with lots of TVs. I didn't find my sub to be anything special - certainly better than subway of course - so I'm indifferent on them coming to Midtown. I think they have a cult following among Auburn alums so that could help them here. But I think of places I loved at my college and not sure I'd be rushing to eat any most of them as often now.

Anonymous said...

War Eagle. Atlanta is going to love Momma G's. Got to try their nachos.

Vett Vandiver said...

can't wait to try this place! thanks!

Unknown said...

I frequented the Montgomery,AL location often as that's where I moved from.Also visited the downtown Birmingham location.I absolutely LOVED their salads & was wondering if they would ever hv a location closer to Atlanta than Newnan_now I know.The question is when will it open bcuz I will definitely be there whenever I'm in Midtown

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