Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oh Snap! It's Poppin Has Closed for "Renovations and Re-organization"

It's Poppin has closed.

It's Poppin, the gourmet popcorn shop that opened in Buckhead last spring, has closed for what they are calling "renovations and management re-organization."  The shop opened last spring at the corner of Peachtree Road and Grandview Avenue in a troubled Quiznos Sub location that itself had opened and closed at least twice.

I drive by the shop almost daily, and it was only last night that the shop appeared to be closed, although I'm not sure exactly when the closure occurred. I inquired with nearby Nancy's Pizza, and the individual I reached was unaware that It's Poppin had closed, leading me to believe the closure was rather recent.

As far as I know, It's Poppin's owner, Ardra Tippett, continues to operate her original endeavor, Cake Cafe, on Candler Road in southeast Atlanta.

If you ask me, It's Poppin will not be reopening, and this closing won't be the last popcorn shop to close in the near future.  Both popcorn and frozen yogurt have experienced sharp increases in popularity, but are both now seeing store closures around the metro and around the country.  Big name franchises and small up- starts are both feeling the effects of a fad industry with few barriers to entry and little differentiation between offerings.

What fad food item do think will next make its way to Atlanta?

Gourmet grilled cheese?
Gourmet bread pudding?
Something else?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Anonymous said...

I was excited when It's Poppin came to the neighborhood. After trying three types of popcorn, I knew I would not be back. The candy coating on the popcorn was so thick that the popcorn was limp underneath it. It tasted a bit like wax. Always hate to see a business go, and feel for the owners, but well thought out concepts with quality products will always win out.

Anonymous said...

I went in once and found that a small bag of popcorn was $7. That's worse than movie theater pricing!

Anonymous said...

There is one that just opened up on Roswell Road next to Domino's / Annie's Thai / Kramer's. It's actually pretty good. Not sure what the name is. They also have gelato but I didn't try it.

PyroATL said...

Went there once when they had a 100% off deal at Scoutmob. It was stale and awful. I saw this coming because whenever I went near that area, I never saw anyone in the store. Can't sustain a business without business.

TheJohnP said...

Just let me know when Garrett's comes to town, otherwise zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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