Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Midtown un-Dressed Following Closure

Salad focused eatery shutters.

Dressed, the healthy eatery started by entreprenuer Justin Smolev, has closed its midtown eatery, the lone remaining Atlanta location.  The restaaurant was located on the street level of the Plaza Midtown condo building at 950 West Peachtree Street.  

A sign on the door claims the restaurant is "temporarily closed for renovations and menu updates," but local sources indicate the closure is permanent. 

Smolev opened the midtown location in 2007 followed soon after by locations in Buckhead and Dunwoody.  The Buckhead location (Terminus) opened in January 2009, followed by Dunwoody (Perimeter Town Center, home to Uncle Julio's and Figo Pasta) in February of the same year.  By December of 2009, both had closed.

Dressed described itself as "the world’s most innovative and stylish dining experience created for today’s health-conscious eaters."  The quick serve restaurant offered "salads with style," sandwiches, paninis, homemade soups & smoothies.  Dressed described its restaurants as providing a "a crisp, clean, contemporary environment."

According to the Dressed website, there are also Dressed locations in Hong Kong (five), Taiwan (one) and locations coming soon to Kuwait, China and Thailand.  At least one of the Hong Kong locations has closed.  The Dressed in Three Pacific Place has been replaced by Toss & Turn, a similar concept.  Outdated facebook postings for another two Hong Kong locations provide reason to doubt either remain open.  

Interestingly, "Dressed Holdings, LLC," which was created in 2007, was "dissolved" this past December.  Another Dressed Holdings LLC was created this past October.  Dressed Perimeter LLC, Dressed Terminus LLC and Dressed Salads Delivery LLC have all been dissolved.  

Are you surprised that Dressed has closed?  Do you think a renovation and "menu updates" are all the concept needs?  If Dressed is in fact closed for good, what type of concept would you like to see replace it?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Renovations? HA! Whatever dude. I wonder if the person that was asked to type up that up was like "why are we wasting time with this BS?"

Anonymous said...

Why do these failed restauranteurs post these same signs? For once Id like to see one that is brutally honest about their demise.

Anonymous said...

Midtown Atlanta diners are very fickle and there just aren't enough of them. Places open and close on a dime in Midtown. I remember Noon Midtown, a great lunch spot, only lasting a year or two. There just isn't enough foot traffic in Midtown yet to warrant all these restaurants opening up yet. Perhaps in a few years, we'll see more foot traffic with all these pricey condos opening up.

G.G. said...

Anonymous at 10:18 AM: that may be true, but the restaurant in question lasted here for nearly a decade, which is a pretty good run in that neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

It's been going downhill lately - they've cut back the portions, ingredients are unavailable, etc. It's an interesting concept and it's too bad it didn't work out.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

I ate regularly there. Good concept, good ingredients. Then about a month ago they started sliding into the abyss. It was inexplicable, because traffic was steady, employees were competent. No idea what tripped them up.

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