Friday, April 21, 2017

Ann Taylor Bids Adieu to Atlantic Station

Women's retailer to shutter at Atlantic Station.

Retailer Ann Taylor plans to shutter its Atlantic Station store tomorrow.  The store, located on 18th Street, was one of the project's original tenants and opened in 2005.  A store associate indicated that the store is having no "liquidation sale," and is instead transferring merchandise to other local stores.   

A cryptic email was reportedly recently sent to Ann Taylor customers encouraging them to shop the chain's Lenox Square store in the future.  Although the email did not explicitly state that the Atlantic Station store was closing, I have since independently verified its closure.  

LOFT, a division of Ann Taylor owner Ann Inc., also has a store in Atlantic Station that will remain open.  

A representative from Atlantic Station provided me the following statement regarding the Ann Taylor closure.

"The departure by Ann Taylor was facilitated by Atlantic Station as part of our overall retail strategy to constantly seek opportunities to improve our guests’ shopping experience. The exit of Ann Taylor will allow the highly popular Z Gallerie to relocate and update their store. Z Gallerie's selection of chic, modern furniture and accessories has attracted shoppers to Atlantic Station since they originally opened, and we are excited they have decided to renew and relocate. The new store, which will be located near West Elm, will provide maximum convenience for our guests seeking home furnishings and d├ęcor. Furthermore, this change will serve as a catalyst for new and expanded shopping, dining and entertainment options throughout Atlantic Station."

In recent years, Ann Taylor has also closed stores at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody and Vinings Jubilee in Vinings. 

At least one [former] customer is not pleased about about the retailer's recent Atlanta area store closures.  

Following these closures, Ann Taylor's sole intown presence will be at Lenox Square.  Ann Taylor also operates stores in the Avenues East and West Cobb, North Point Mall in Alpharetta, Mall of Georgia in Buford, and a "Factory" store at The Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta in Woodstock.  

In addition to Ann Taylor, bankrupt retailer American Apparel is also expected to close both its Atlantic Station an Little 5 Points stores this weekend.  The retailer closed its Atlanta flagship store at The Shops Around Lenox in Buckhead this past December.  

Are you an Ann Taylor customer disappointed in their Atlantic Station closure? What would you like to see open at Atlantic Station?  Between Atlantic Station, Westside Provisions District and Ponce City Market, where do you do most of your shopping?  

Please share your thoughts below.  


Mark G said...

I'm not surprised by this at all. Ann Taylor is a struggling retailer.

Speaking of retailers, popular women's retailer Bebe plans to close all of their brick and mortar stores nationwide by the end of next month. I expect liquidation sales to begin by the end of this month. Bebe customers will still be able to shop online only.

Anonymous said...

The value is just not there and you can from retailer to retailer and find the same things. Clothing retailers need to get a clue, and I am on of the many that don't order apparel either. Even my late teens and 20 something children prefer to try on and purchase in a brick and mortar location. There is just nothing we want in your stores. I would rather go to thrift stores maybe that is why Goodwill keeping expanding all over Atlanta they are the only only that have something to offer. Sad

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it does suck that Ann Taylor is struggling like any other retail company but I can still purchase online at I love their clothes!

concerned said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the people losing jobs from these closures. No one ever mentions the struggles of these people who have careers in this field of work. Very difficult to find jobs with so many retailers closing stores this year.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's so odd that you can say the value isn't there when the quality is fantastic. I've owned a red cardigan since 2010 and it's still bright cherry red with no fuzz balls and all the buttons are there. However, I totally understand about thrifting but at the same time when I go for a job interview or work in corporate, I like to look presentable all year round. Shouts to my mom for putting me onto Ann Taylor because the style and fit works perfect for my career. I, too, shopped at Ann Taylor Atlantic Station and I would see all the "online returns" come through the store. I'm sure that hurt their business so much when people purchase $2,000 online for two different sizes of each item and return everything back in the store. I sure as hell don't like returning back to the same store. LOL. Can you imagine how many people shop at Lenox Mall but return at Atlantic Station because of embarrassment? haha this article doesn't even say why they're really closing. The same way your teens like to purchase in store, we have to tell everyone in 2017/technology world to stop spending so much money online and just go in the store. Then you'll actually know if you want to buy it or not. Ann Taylor, Atlantic Station was a spacious, so easy to shop and they're customer service was outstanding! You can't say you'll receive the same service at other stores, I know I haven't! I'm so sad to see them go, I've literally shopped there for years and their team even knew me. I'm sorry for them losing their jobs too, I'm sure they'll bounce back. They we're all wonderful girls.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 3:54 PM makes an excellent point I have never thought of. I would NEVER order that much clothing online and then return it to the stores. WOW. Not an online shopper so I never thought of the impact that type of shopping / returning debacle that would create for the company. NO WONDER these brick and mortar are suffering if this is the trend. AND consumer debt is still out of control, when you can go on a mindless online shopping spree and return the majority of your purchases with little to no penalty.

PS treat that "vintage 2010" cardigan with care. Apparel today even moderate Ann Taylor is not made like it was even then.

Anonymous said...

The mistake Ann Taylor made is charging customers to ship back online returns. I would order online from Ann Taylor and return in store because I didn't want to pay the cost of shipping. I have children and a job so I don't have time to really enjoy a shopping experience, it's all about the quick in and out. And yes, I felt bad returning so much in store, but I said to them if it was free shipping I would ship back. Please note, BR, Gap and Old Navy all have free return shipping and they're not closing any stores at the moment.

Anonymous said...

"The mistake Ann Taylor made is charging customers to ship back online returns" --- Really? That is the mentality that is causing these store to struggle!

"Please note, BR, Gap and Old Navy all have free return shipping and they're not closing any stores at the moment." --- Banana Republic and Gap HAVE been shuttering stores for a few years now. Free Shipping is NOT free as in someone has to pay for it.


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