Monday, August 7, 2017

[Opening Alert] Wade's Fine Eatery & Good Time Emporium to Open August 8th

Wade's Fine Eatery & Good Time Emporium, the new restaurant ToNeTo Atlanta exclusively reported would be opening in Smyrna last year, plans to open Tuesday August 8th.  The new restaurant, located on Concord Road near the new Concord Linear Park, will be open at 5pm for dinner starting Tuesday, and will continue dinner only hours for the next two weeks, according to co-owner Jason McClure.
Named for McClure's father Wade, who passed away a few years ago, the restaurant's logo features a cardinal, a bird the McClures believe Wade lives on as.   

Wade's is meant to complement the adjacent park and serve as an amenity for the neighborhood. The restaurant provides assorted yard and table games for patrons to use while at the restaurant, as well as sidewalk chalk for children to draw with on space adjacent to the restaurant.   

McClure, a father and Smyrna resident, says the restaurant is "for the community," but says he sees its core demographic as 30-45 year olds with families.  McClure describes the concept as a "fine dining/casual hybrid."
The first floor patio at Wade's
Jason McClure, formerly of both FLIP Burger Boutique and the short-lived Villains in midtown, brought to Smyrna at least one menu item from the midtown eatery in which he was a part owner.  "The Oddjob," listed under the heading "A Hotdog is Not a Sandwich"  features Korean fried chicken, gochujang (red chili paste), Buffalo sauce, Torgarashi mayo and pear slaw and costs nine bucks. 

Wade's makes good on its promise of a "good time emporium" with tongue-in-cheek menu headings and names such as salads under the heading "Your Body is a Temple" or  the "Small Carbon Footprint" house-made vegan black rice burger.  

In addition to the assorted appetizers, entrees and salads, none of which cost more than twelve bucks, there are also shakes and ice cream made from Marietta's High Road Ice Cream and eleven rotating cocktails.  

While original plans were for the restaurant to offer some sort of shuttle service to and from SunTrust Park, those plans have been pushed to next season, given the fact that the restaurant is only just now opening, and the Braves are, shall we say, not playoff bound.
The upstairs bar and patio
Also in the future, McClure sees opening additional restaurants to serve the Smyrna community.  As of now Wade's is the sole concept within McClure's "Smyrna Restaurant Concepts" group. 

Are you excited for the addition to Wade's to Smyrna?  What is your favorite Smyrna area restaurant?  What type of restaurant would you like to see open next in Smyrna?

Please share your thoughts below.  


CloseOTP said...

As a Smyrna resident, I look forward to this place opening. A locally owned restaurant that I could go to anytime is a nice change. Seems so many locally owned places fall in the $25+ per entree category which is fine for the occasional meal, but this sounds like a great place when we're not in the mood to cook. Hope he finds great success.

Unknown said...

So happy to have Wade's in the neighborhood! The location next to the park is absolutely ideal.

fbenario said...

"the restaurant's logo features a cardinal, a bird the McClures believe Wade lives on as."

What ludicrous hogwash. I hope the family's beliefs in good food, good service, and good hygiene practices are a bit more grounded in reality.

Nunya said...

It is sad that a nice write up about a new, locally owned restaurant is trolled by someone who bashes anyone that believes differently than themselves. You sir, or ma'am, are what is wrong with this country.

Anonymous said...

If that is all you got out of the article, then you're a retard. Besides show respect RIP Wade.

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