Tuesday, October 24, 2017

[UPDATE] The Painted Duck to Land on the Westside in December

The wait is almost over!  The Painted Duck, the follow-up to Buckhead's successful The Painted Pin, is slated to open  on the Westside in early December.  Located at the intersection of 10th Street and Brady Avenue, The Painted Duck will anchor the new Stockyards Atlanta development.  
A glimpse inside The Painted Duck from earlier this month 
The Painted Pin, which opened on Buckhead's Miami Circle in 2014, is about 23,000 square feet, whereas The Painted Duck will be approximately 25,000 square feet.  The two concepts are similar, but owners Justin Amick and William Stallworth made sure that their Westside venture is unique in its offerings. 

Like The Painted Pin, The Painted Duck will feature an elevated beverage menu, but it will also introduce Atlanta to duckpin bowling and Belgian feather bowling.  Duckpin bowling is a variation of traditional ten-pin bowling where the balls and pins are smaller and players get three rolls per frame vs. the traditional two.  Belgian feather bowling is a game played with a wooden “cheese wheel” that is rolled down a trough shaped alley towards a feather. The object is to get the ball as close to the feather as possible.      

The Painted Duck will include a total of 16 duckpin bowling lanes, along with two Belgian feather bowling lanes, two indoor horseshoe pits, knuckleball, toad in the hole, two indoor deck shuffleboard courts, a 22 ft. shuffleboard table, a basketball three-point and free throw shoot-out, air hockey, snookball (a hybrid sport that blends pool with soccer), and other unique group gaming options. 

The cuisine is described as “backyard barfare” with assorted small plates, dips, sliders, sandwiches, salads, and skewered wood fired meats and proteins called “quills”, prepared on a custom "show-stopper" grill.  

The beverage program will focus on signature and classic cocktails,  artisanal wines by the glass, and local and craft beer.  Moscow Mule slushies, a favorite signature cocktail from The Painted Pin, will not be offered at The Painted Duck, but representatives promise all new signature cocktails that will be just as amazing.  The new venue, like The Painted Pin, will feature live music Thursday through Saturday.  

Are you excited for The Painted Duck to open?  Have you ever bowled duckpin or Belgian feather?  What kind of cocktail would you most like to see featured on the menu at The Pained Duck?

Please share your thoughts below  


Hannah said...

This place is going to be so awesome!! Game changer.

Unknown said...

Atlanta's most creative young entrepreneurs hit the target once again. The location in the toney West Side in the new Stockyard development coupled with unique gaming and proven food and drink.

Henry poer said...

Super excited! Small ball on the westside

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