Monday, January 15, 2018

[Growth Goals] Marietta Square Apparently "Purrrfect" Spot for Second Java Cats Cafe

Java Cats Cafe owner Hadyn Hilton has her heart set on a second location, and just as with her first location, is seeking significant financial support from interested consumers in making her "dream" a reality.  Having opened the original Atlanta "cat cafe" this past March on Memorial Drive in Grant Park, Hilton now plans to open a second, larger location near the Marietta Square. 
Hadyn Hilton at left - image courtesy of GoFundMe page 
In a lengthy post on a newly launched GoFundMe page, Hilton describes not necessarily looking to open a second location so soon after her first, but that an opportunity arose for a second location about four months ago.  "After seeing the building, there was no way I could turn down the opportunity to grow," Hilton says. One might say it was a space too "purrrfect" to pass up.  The post does not specify the exact location, only that it's near the Marietta Square. 

Having dropped out of Georgia State University at age 24 to pursue her "dream of opening a place that would have a positive impact on the lives of shelter cats,"  Hilton has done just that, as according to her post, Java Cats has led to the adoption of 210 cats since the original location opened ten months ago. 

To get her first location open, Hilton relied upon donors via Kickstarter to aid her in the initial opening capital.  With a goal of $20,000, Hilton went on to raise $21,186.  Hilton's new fundraising goal, another $20,000, is being raised via GoFundMe, a similar site.  Despite the campaign having been started ten days ago, only today shortly before 5PM did Hilton post the campaign to her personal Facebook page, where in less than an hour, she had raised $150 from six donors.  By 8PM she had raised $630 from 19 donors.  The amount later grew to $1,235  (as of 10PM) from 25 donors following a single $500 donation shortly before 9PM.   

"Your contribution[s] will go towards the massive cat lounge we will be furnishing, vertical space, cat related necesities (sic), and my deposit for the building!" 

It's worth noting that Java Cats is an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), not a 501(c)(3) (non profit organization), so while Hilton's cause is noble and her concept is cute, it is a business and not a charity, despite her charitable fundraising efforts. 

It's also worth noting that in order for one to visit the "cat lounge," there is a price.  

For one hour in the cat lounge, adults must pay $10, children under 12 pay $5, with each requiring a reservation made in advance.  The cat lounge is also available, walk in only, for a half hour rate of $5 for everyone.  "All reservations include a complimentary drip coffee or loose leaf tea for everyone in the party.  Crafted beverages are available as a reservation upgrade for an additional $2.50."

The Java Cats website also provides a link to an "Amazon wishlist" where generous customers can purchase items for the lounge.  

For those uneasy about a joint that has dozens of cats as well as serving food and drink, the posting also addresses that.  

"Java Cats is a highly regulated establishment with regulations that strictly prevent any cross contaminiation (sic) of animals and food. The cats are only allowed in a space that is partitioned from the café side. Food is not to be made on site."

"We work with The Gathering Industries, which is a nonprofit that helps the Atlanta homeless learn culinary arts; all snacks, cookies, scones, and other food items. Java Cats also supports local organic farming by donating all coffee and food waste to help underpriveldged (sic) communities make compost to grow their own produce."

The GoFundMe page does not detail an expected fundraising deadline but does indicate that Hilton plans to have the new location up and running this coming May. 

Have you been to Java Cats Cafe?  Will you be contributing to the GoFundMe to aid in the opening of the second location? Are you excited about the possibility of a second Java Cats Cafe in metro Atlanta?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Marietta Square Market that is coming this summer?

fbenario said...

Is it wise to entrust your money to someone so careless she can't even be bothered to spellcheck her plea for money?

Anonymous said...

So a bank won't loan her the money? That would be NO!

Anonymous said...

Disgusting, I dislike cats so much. Never would I get food from there. Yuck!!!

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