Thursday, March 22, 2018

[UPDATE] Keba Sandwiches Kaput in Emory Village

KEBA Sandwiches has closed its location at Emory Village.  The restaurant, which opened in early January of last year, reportedly closed without notice earlier this month.  A ToNeTo Atlanta reader noted the closure yesterday while the restaurant's most recent Yelp rating, from March 13, noted that "Keba's sandwiches and fries are great, but today their door is padlocked with no sign or note indicating why or if it is temporary."  
Inside the KEBA Sandwiches at Emory Village in 2017 
Further research confirms that the Emory Village location is listed as "permanently closed" on Google, and that its former space is currently being marketed for lease.  Strangely, the KEBA website continues to the list the Emory location as open and operating, and its Emory-specific Facebook page makes no mention of the closure, and was last updated February 19.  

Athens-based KEBA features a menu primarily focused on beef, chicken, pork, feta, falafel and reuben sandwiches.  KEBA is also known for its fresh made Belgian fries.   

ToNeTo Atlanta first broke news of KEBA's planned opening at Emory Village in April 2016 shortly after the eviction of frozen yogurt shop Yogli Mogli from the space that KEBA would later occupy.  The local franchisee spent over eight months renovating the 2,458 square foot space, stripping away drywall, revealing the natural, aged brick behind it.  

In Emory Village, KEBA joined Falafel King and Zo√ęs Kitchen in offering Mediterranean cuisine.  Each restaurant featured their own offerings and each concept seemed to appeal to a slightly different demographic although all were surely hoping to capture plenty of students from nearby Emory University.    

Two KEBA locations remain open in Athens with a third in Watkinsville.  KEBA's  Bethlehem location, which opened in late 2014, closed February 7. 

Why do you think KEBA closed at Emory Village?  What would you like to see open in place of KEBA at Emory Village?  What is your favorite restaurant in Emory Village?

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Anonymous said...

Were this place's ownership related to Akem's K-Bob, formerly on Broad St. in Athens?

Atlantan99 said...

This was a franchised location but yes, the two were related.

Anonymous said...

'Akem's K-Bob...yeah!"

Best local commercial ever!

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