Wednesday, January 2, 2019

[UPDATE] Public Kitchen Out, Agency In at Phipps Plaza in Buckhead

Daniel Reed Hospitality will be opening Agency socialthèque this coming Friday January 4.  The new concept is replacing Public Kitchen, the group's farm-to-table eatery, in the same space.  Public Kitchen, which opened in a portion of the former Twist space late this past February, is a beautiful mid-century modern inspired restaurant, the sibling of the group's flagship Savannah eatery with the same name.  

Daniel Reed Managing Partner Jamie Durrence spoke exclusively with Tomorrow's News Today - Atlanta  Wednesday about the decision to re-brand and his vision for Agency.  

Durrence, clearly humbled by the experience, spoke of the time and energy that went into making what he called a "beautiful restaurant."  There is no debating the appeal of the restaurant and the chic mid-century modern motif. That said, patrons of the mall were clearly not as taken by the restaurant as he had hoped. 

The decision to re-brand was primarily based on feedback from patrons.  The aesthetics of the restaurant will largely stay as they are, with the exception of new seating meant to create a more lounge-like atmosphere. 

Recently, while still operating as Public Kitchen, the restaurant introduced DJ sets and other live music performances.  This offering proved quite popular and will  be expanded via a partnership with Sean O'Keefe Events, a local events business.  

Agency will be modeled after Artillery, Daniel Reed's speakeasy in Savannah.  Unlike Artillery though, Agency will still feature select food items, many of "the best sellers" from the Public Kitchen menu, according to Durrence.  

Among the food offerings will be the popular spinach-artichoke dip, assorted frites (including sidewinder and  waffle sweet potato), pub burgers, lobster tacos and peach cobbler, among other options.  The lamb burger will unfortunately not be on the new menu.  

Agency, unlike Public Kitchen, will be open evenings only, starting at 4 PM daily.  The lounge will close at 9 PM on Sundays, 10 PM Monday through Thursday and remain open until 11 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.  

Durrence envisions patrons of Agency including those who may have dined at other nearby restaurants such as Ecco or St. Cecilia and are looking for an after dinner drink but also industry workers, looking for a place to relax and unwind after work.  

Inside Agency 

Socialthèque, a word created by Durrence (he has a trademark application in the works) is meant to describe the atmosphere of the establishment: "exquisite cocktails and southern hospitality at its finest."

The newly launched Facebook page, Instagram and website describe Agency:

"Agency is the premiere lounge of Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood. Of course, that means exquisite cocktails and southern hospitality at its finest.  It also means experimental and revolutionary as we transform specialty ingredients into something truly unique!  You will also find the city's hottest DJ's and jazz musicians.  Oh, and food, because you need food too! Whether it's happy hour, dinner, before or after dinner or desserts, your socialthèque experience awaits!"

Did you ever dine at Public Kitchen?  Does the concept of Agency sound appealing to you?  What is your favorite lounge in Atlanta?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

You had me at "spinach-artichoke dip"

Anonymous said...

I do not choose a restaurant based on its name, even if trademarked, or its decor. If a restaurant is (1) convenient, (2) delicious, (3) reasonably priced, (4) consistent, and if the (5) staff provides genuinely good service - then I don't care much about the name or the decor. If a owner spends $100K on the build out and hits the 5 points - I'll patronize. If they spend $10 million, but miss on some of the 5 points, I stay away.

CloseOTP said...

Um, he's trademarking the word "Socialthèque"?

I never have nor never will wish bad things on a new restaurant - there are enough options out there that I don't need to be concerned about a restaurant that I have no interest in, but seems like he should focus on the restaurant and not a word to describe said restaurant!

Anonymous said...

"... industry workers, looking for a place to relax and unwind after work"?? But, it's only open until 10pm/11pm. Hospitality staff need a place open until 2-3am for after hours unwinding.

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