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[ACTION!] CMX CinéBistro Open in Peachtree Corners, Coming Soon to Halcyon

A new location of CMX CinéBistro opened earlier this month in metro Atlanta and the company is bullish on the market for additional locations.  The new approximately 35,000 square foot CinéBistro which anchors the new Peachtree Corners Town Center development is located along Peachtree Parkway, across the street from The Forum.  The theater, officially located at 5180 Town Center Boulevard,  features six screens, a full bar and premium in-theater dining options.
The Peachtree Corners location is the second in metro Atlanta for the Miami-based operator.  The first in the market opened in Brookhaven as part of TOWN Brookhaven in late 2011.  The Brookhaven location is slightly larger, with seven rather than six screens, and also seating for 758 compared to 588 at Peachtree Corners.

Brookhaven's opening was as a division of Birmingham, Alabama-based Cobb Theatres.  Cobb was purchased in late 2017 by Mexico's Cinemex, and is now run by it's U.S. brand CMX out of Miami. 

Smaller in size and seats is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when you are a premium experience, targeting adult moviegoers.  You see, CinéBistro is a 21 and over theater for all shows beginning after 6 p.m.  Guests three and above will be welcome for all shows prior to 6 p.m., but must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21.  Compared to typical theaters that seat a few hundred per auditorium, each auditorium in Peachtree Corners offers from 90 to 100 oversized, fully-reclining leather loveseats with footrests.  (The seating at Peachtree Corners is a significant advancement over the seating at Brookhaven.)

At a launch event for the theater, management noted something odd, something you might not consider when going to the movies.  CMX sees themselves as a restaurant that shows movies, rather than a theater than offers food.  This emphasis on food is evident in its offerings, which for the most part, are better and more adventurous than you'd find in a typical dinner-and-a-movie concept.

If iPic, a premium dinner-and-a-movie operator destined for Colony Square, were Neiman Marcus and Studio Movie Grill, with a sprinkling of locations around metro Atlanta were Macy's, CinéBistro would be Nordstrom, not affordable for all, but not so exclusive as to be only be for the elite.

Given theaters are notorious for high prices on basic things like popcorn and soda, to know you can get a quality meal and see a new release is surely to be an appealing combination for those seeking a new date night option.
Entree offerings at CinéBistro's Peachtree Corners location include a Pan Seared Scottish Salmon, Wagyu Skirt Steak, Short Rib Mac & Cheese and our personal favorite, Chicken & Churros, their delicious take on the classic Chicken & Waffles.

The theater also serves brunch on the weekends until 2 pm with such offerings as Steak & Eggs, Bread Pudding French Toast, Egg White Frittata, and Braised Chicken Tostada.  The bar at CinéBistro also features a special Atlanta popsicle, the "King of Prosecco," a cocktail with a King of Pops popsicle in it.

While there is a tremendous focus on the food, each theater features curved screens, Barco 4K laser projectors, RealD XL 3D and a digital 7.1 sound system.  Simply said, these screens are the Rolls Royce of screens.

Although hidden from view as you initially enter the development, the theater is located adjacent to both Farm Burger (which officially opened earlier this week) and the new town green, which will debut later this spring and provide the community a new amenity for gatherings, concerts and other events.
A third Atlanta area CMX CinéBistro location will anchor the new Halcyon development in Forsyth County.  The Halcyon theater, a lease that was signed prior to the Cinemex purchase, will reportedly feature ten screens, slightly larger than the company's current model, but one that will allow it to show more movies simultaneously.

A source with knowledge of the company's plans tells ToNeTo Atlanta that CMX is targeting Fuqua Development's Buford project for an additional CinéBistro location.  The project, on the opposite side of I-85 as The Mall of Georgia, across from Floor & Decor, is a development of a previously wooded 64 acre parcel where the developer plans to add as many as 500 multifamily units as well as a 123 room hotel and more than 330,000 square feet or retail space.  Initial site work on the property could begin as soon as this August with a planned 2020/2021 opening.

Have you ever been to CMX CinéBistro in Brookhaven, Peachtree Corners or elsewhere?  Are you, like us, dreaming of Chicken & Churros after reading this post?  What for you is most important in an upscale movie experience?

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Anonymous said...

I go to the movies to see a movie, not for all these extras that jack up the prices. Movie theaters keep pushing the envelope to make more profits. The problem is the movies have mostly sucked lately. Seems like everything is getting worse in the Trump era, including movies. Perhaps movie studios don't want to make anything provocative, for fear of upsetting the Dictator in Chief. Instead, we should just all be brainwashed with the propaganda on FOX.

Anonymous said...

@10:03 You need help, I hope you get some soon.

Anonymous said...

@10:03 You can find plenty of fiction and fabrications on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS, not to mention the late night "comedy shows:

Anonymous said...

Wow. It take a real moron to try to make something as simple and as non-political as movies a political issue.

eh1984 said...

Can we please not focus on the nonsense that @10:03 is saying and really worry why we are promoting Cinebistro? The one at Town Brookhaven is truly terrible. Nothing like paying $25 for a margarita and your non-reclining seat is torn and falling apart. Instead of expanding, maybe you should focus on keeping your current locations relevant and enticing.

Anonymous said...

the prices are absolutely ridiculous

Anonymous said...

@ March 31, 2019 at 6:05 PM

I agree with you 100%! Fake news with fake facts!

Alex said...

Newsflash! Traditional/Conventional cinemas still exist.

That said, the Buckhead Backlot was a fun place back in the late 90s when friends and I just wanted to share a few pitchers of beer and catch a decent movie. But haven't been to one of this places in over a decade not because the food is bad or the beer is overpriced, but because Hollyweird sucks at making a decent movie.

Anonymous said...

I just go to the dollar cinemas and brown bag a tall boy or two. Works for me and half the folks there. Who needs Wagyu beef in a movie theater? Oh yeah, guys with small.....hands.

Skrybe said...

I went to Cinebistro in Virginia. It was good. So far my view on the business is positive. And I generally like dinner movie theaters, so I'll be giving this one a try.

Anonymous said...

I think Studio Movie Grill is a better concept and is run better than Cine Bistro.

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