Friday, November 8, 2019

[CLOSURE ALERT] MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Latest Franchise Flop in Midtown

MidiCi - The Neapolitan Pizza Company has closed its one and only Atlanta area location.  The full-service restaurant, located at the 999 Peachtree building in the heart of Midtown, opened early last year and  closed Thursday.  There was reportedly no advance warning of the closure of the 3,800 square foot restaurant.  The company took to Instagram late Thursday to officially confirm the closure and thank patrons and staff.   
"Today we say goodbye. It was pleasure getting know and befriending all our guests! But on to the next adventure.  We're officially closed for Business."  

“1st Thank you to all our employees that helped build this business!  And to our vendors and our guests that have been apart of this journey the past few years.”  

“We have decided to close up and pursue other ventures and taken on new challenges. Cheers”  

The Midtown franchise was owned by D. H. Foods Enterprises, LLC and reportedly run by M.G. Farris, COO of the franchisee.  

Both MidiCi and frozen yogurt franchise Menchies are owned by entrepreneur Amit Kleinberger who has a knack for selling an absurd number of franchises, in the case of the pizza chain, before the first even opened.  

Starting in 2015, Kleinberger sold more than 500 franchises of the pizza joint before even the first location opened. According to the company's website, there are currently less than 40 MidiCi locations open [including the Atlanta location] and a few "opening soon" including one slated to debut November 16 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  

A MidiCi location previously announced to be opening at the new Halcyon project in Forsyth is believed to have been called off.  

MidiCi filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this past September in California where both it and Menchies are based.  

In a letter to franchisees after the bankruptcy filing, MidiCi's counsel advised them to also retain the firm of Greenberg and Bass and the firm of Roseman Law “to help develop a long-term reorganization plan, focused on solving the sales/profitability challenge. With the help of these counsel and other outside advisers, MidiCi is preparing a plan for the survival and recovery of MidiCi and its franchise system.”

MidiCi's unrealistic growth and focus on franchise selling instead of franchise success mirrors that of two other struggling franchises: BurgerIM and Uncle Maddio's Pizza.  

BurgerIM, also based in California, has closed several of its initial locations including one that shuttered in Midtown this past August after less than a year in business.  

Atlanta based Uncle Maddio's Pizza, which this past April filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, has seen franchisees close dozens of locations over the past few years leaving the company with more restaurants closed than open.  

Are you surprised that MidiCi closed its Midtown location?  What would you like to see open in place of MidiCi in Midtown?  What is your favorite franchise restaurant in Atlanta?

Please share your thoughts below  


Anonymous said...

They should have taken a clue from Zaxby's. When the company wants to expand into a new state and city, the company opens the first store and doesn't sell franchises for th first year so they can build the brand recognition and success up before selling franchises

Anonymous said...

Walked by there countless times and saw a sign on door where they closed early for one reason or another. Wednesday’s sign said special event, then Thursday they were inside packing stuff up. Not surprised at all. Couldn’t count on them to be open if you took the time to stop in there.

Anonymous said...

I work at 999 and would have to deal with the smell of burned Medici pizza every single day walking through the lobby... in today’s health crazed society, pizza places shouldn’t be a thing. Hopefully we get a salad bar at that location - and hopefully it’s Upbeet!

Stimpy Stu said...

I ate there once and it was just ok. They try to make it look upscale but it had no substance. It just felt very open and sterile... And don't get me started on the fishbowl effect: anyone walking down the busy sidewalk could look in and judge me for eating fattening pizza. Sorry but it just was destined to fail.

Anonymous said...

Where's my comment from FRIDAY

oden said...

Too mant salad bars, they shouldn't be a thing. Easy to make at home.

oden said...

Imagine being preoccupied what you think other people are thinking of you...relax pal nobody cares what you're eating.

Anonymous said...

I work in 999. Only ate there twice because the quality never matched the price. There is better pizza in Midtown at half the cost.

Anonymous said...

Go To Varuni Napoli a mile up. Amazing pizza. Way better service. You'll be happy that you did.

-Former employee who knew it would fail..

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