Tuesday, July 28, 2020

[UPDATE] The Colonnade Restaurant to Reopen Friday!

We reported earlier this month that the Colonnade Restaurant was planning to reopen July 31 after an extended hiatus.  The restaurant, an Atlanta institution for nearly 100 years, earlier today reconfirmed the planned reopening and also provided some updates on the operation and safety procedures.  
"We are excited to get back to work frying chicken! We have been preparing for our reopening. The restaurant has been sanitized, we have moved tables around, including putting some in the banquet room for seating. Sanitizers have been installed throughout the building. We will have single use paper menus. There are 6 spaces designated for curbside pickup 404-874-5642. We regret to inform everyone that due to rising food costs we will no longer offer the Early Bird Special. Hope to see everyone at The Nade!"

The restaurant also updated its hours:

Monday:                CLOSED
Tuesday:                CLOSED
Wednesday:        5PM-9PM
Thursday:          5PM - 9PM
Friday:                5PM - 9PM 
Saturday:           5PM - 9PM
Sunday:            12PM - 8PM

While the elimination of the "Early Bird Menu" will no doubt be an unwelcome development for many patrons, it was seemingly a necessary evil to keep the business afloat.  The elimination of Saturday lunch service (a popular early bird mealtime) is more puzzling and makes little sense when you consider that the restaurant has now completely eliminated Monday and Tuesday service.  

The announcement suggests that there will be dedicated curbside pickup parking spaces, but does not shed light on whether the restaurant will make its food available on third-party delivery platforms such as Uber Eats and DoorDash.  

In other neighborhood news, a claim that the TARA Theater at the corner of Cheshire Bridge Road and LaVista Road had closed for good is not true.  Like basically all movie theaters around the country, TARA and others owned by Regal Cinemas, AMC and more, remain closed as they navigate a reopening in wake of renewed COVID-19 fears and increases in cases.  

Are you excited for the reopening of The Colonnade?  What is your favorite menu item at The Colonnade? Do you plan to visit the Colonnade this week?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Ut oh. Eliminating the Early Bird will also eliminate half their clientele. Not sure why so many restaurants insist on moving away from what makes them popular.

I'm sure they will do a bang up take out service though. When I want take out, I always think of a hot vegetable plate to go. Always been a Colonnade fan, but I'm afraid this is the beginning of the end for their 90 something year run.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see the Colonnade reopening again after such a long hiatus but am very sad to see the Early Bird fly away! I think this will hurt, rather than help business but what do I know not being in the food industry! It will be hard to go and not think of the Early Bird and pay regular prices for a meal but if it means keeping the venerable old place running a while longer, it is something to think about! Hope they have some better wait staff than a couple of the ones I would never use again!

Anonymous said...

another way to increase profits is to use less liquor in cocktails. I seem to remember the drinks were always strong...triple. The drinkers will buy one no matter the price!!
Anonymous 75 year old patron.

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