Thursday, March 3, 2022

[UPDATE] Lenox Square Adding Several New Shops and Eateries

In December we exclusively reported that Canadian retailer Aritiza would be making its long awaited debut in Atlanta at Lenox Square.  At that time, City of Atlanta permits indicated the store would open in a nearly 11,000 square foot space in a suite that did not exist.  Newly installed signage confirms that Aritzia is opening in the mall and that it will replace GAP, which closed its Lenox Square store about two weeks ago.  Lenox Square planning documents indicate that the GAP store is roughly 9,300 square feet when you include basement storage.  

GAP's closure at Lenox Square leaves the San Francisco-based retailer without a presence inside the perimeter after previously closing GAP Kids and babyGAP stores elsewhere in Lenox Square as well as stores in Phipps Plaza, Atlantic Station, Northlake Mall, North DeKalb Mall and years ago in Underground Atlanta, among others.  The retailer has previously closed stores in Cumberland Mall, Gwinnett Place Mall, North Point Mall, The Shoppes Webb Gin in Snellville, Town Center at Cobb in Kennesaw and more recently, at the Avenue Peachtree City in Peachtree City.  The company continues to operate Atlanta area stores at Perimeter Mall, Avalon, The Avenue East Cobb and at Mall of Georgia in Buford, among others.  

The closure in Lenox is especially perplexing when you consider that A) there seems to be plenty of available space in the mall and B) GAP is seeing renewed interest in the brand following the release of the new Yeezy GAP Engineered by Balenciaga collection.  GAP sister brands Athleta and Banana Republic remain open in Lenox Square.  

We noted several other updates on our recent visit to Lenox Square.  

British Luxury label Alexander McQueen will make its Atlanta debut with a kiosk at Lenox Square.  We use the word "kiosk," but the storefront is essentially a micro store on the mall's main level that takes up the space of roughly three typical kiosks side by side.  The McQueen label is owned by French luxury goods conglomerate Kering which also owns Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, among others, all of whom have existing locations at Lenox Square sibling property Phipps Plaza.  ToNeTo Atlanta reported  December 15 that Gucci will be adding a second store at Lenox Square later this year. 

ToNeTo Atlanta first reported March 1 that Italian automaker Ferrari plans to bring just its third overall full-line American retail store to Lenox Square later this year.  Luxury watchmaker Breitling is also opening in the mall with a boutique near Mayors Jewelers and Rolex.  

Elsewhere in the mall, "coming soon" signage is up for North Italia at the front of the mall where it is replacing Zinburger.  In the food court, Shake Shack will open a second Buckhead outpost when it replaces the recently shuttered Rise Pies, a quick-serve pizza eatery.  Also, on the mall's second floor, coming soon signage is also up for Blue Nile, the online born jeweler that has been expanding its brick & mortar presence.  ToNeTo Atlanta exclusively reported on the company's planned Atlanta entry this past December.  

Former locations of Tourneau, Microsoft, Apple and Williams-Sonoma, among others, all remain vacant without so much as a barricade up to disguise their closures.   

Are you surprised by the changes at Lenox Square?  When was the last time you visited Lenox Square?  Does the presence of so many armed security and police officers at Lenox Square make you feel more safe or more anxious?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Not really surprised about the changes to Lenox. It seems like there are always stores coming and going there. I haven't been to Lenox in about 3 or 4 years even though I worked close by. Other than Macy's and Williams -Sonoma and maybe eating lunch there Lenox doesn't appeal to me. I'm glad they have all the security there but the car breakins really keep me away from Buckhead. It's just not worth the hassle anymore to deal with Buckhead. Very sad what had happened in that area.

Anonymous said...

It's probably been 8 or 9 months since I was at Lenox. Personally, the experience of having to go through metal detectors to get inside the mall is not the shopping experience I am looking for. Also, witnessing a police shake down of some kid in the doorway as I'm trying to get out.... Not saying I will never go back there. Previously it was my go to mall. Not any more. When I think of going shopping, Lenox is not the first destination that comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Lenox has turned into Underground Atlanta. The only difference is that while no one really goes to Underground anymore, Lenox is filled with people from outside the Perimeter looking for what Buckhead used to be and for easy targets.

Tres said...

In the case of Gap, I read recently they're trying to get out of malls in general in the longer term and focus on stores in lifestyle and strip malls as well as online. If you look at the list of stores they've closed over the last year or so, there are several class-A malls on that list. So, Gap's closure is more to do with an overall strategy at the corporate level and not necessarily a reflection on Lenox.

Having said that, here's what I'd like to see fill in some of the spaces at Lenox:
Topshop -> Uniqlo (Would be new-to-market)
Microsoft -> Split this into a Shinola and Oliver Peoples
Tourneau -> Starbucks Reserve (Relocating from the "kiosk" location in front of it)
Williams-Sonoma -> Lucky Brand (I've always felt Lenox would be a better fit for this store than Phipps)
Apple Store -> Tommy John (If Charlotte and Nashville have a store, why can't Atlanta?)

Ham said...

Sort of excited about Breitling I've got a watch that needs service, so maybe this will simply the process. Shake shack might also be a nice addition, but in general not real excited about Lenox. At one time I visited multiple times a week and really enjoyed the overall experience. I'm sure it is simply my perception, but it just doesn't have the feel that it once did. I know crime is everywhere, but I never felt uneasy at Lenox in the past and now I do.

Anonymous said...

Lenox should just shut down. Buckhead has become a crime ridden apocalypse because of the pandemic and the economy. It's not worth putting your life in danger to drive to Buckhead anymore. You can get mugged, shot, carjacked. And the police and the mayor and the governor and the local media don't seem to give a damn that the city's premier shopping district has become a hellhole. Truly sick times we live in. That you have to go through a metal detector to enter a shopping mall.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 3:38 says it all.

Anonymous said...

I have been to Buckhead Village Shops, Phipps, Lenox, several times over the past few months and I don't see the crime? There have been shootings once or twice, but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

I thought Apple was still in the mall at a new flagship larger location???

Anonymous said...

I doubt stores like Brooks Brothers and Pottery Barn will survive much longer in Lenox. I figured Williams-Sonoma would leave, and they did.

I'll bet Nobu is sorry they picked Phipps for their Atlanta location. Yikes! That whole area has become a cesspool.

So sad to see what's become of Buckhead in such a short period of time. Almost seems intentional.

Anonymous said...

Lenox isn’t closing up anytime soon. They have some of the highest sales per SF of any malls in the US, and therefore command some of the highest lease $ per SF. They do need to address security more proactively to continue to attract a diverse crowd but they won’t be closing up the mall anytime soon. An MOR retailer like Gap moving out just reflects the huge lease increase they likely would have been offered to stay there, which makes no sense as they continue to struggle as a company to perform. And Williams Sonoma….same thing. They still have a very successful Pottery Barn in the mall but that lease will be coming up soon too, and they already moved and reinvented themselves once at Lenox.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Lenox just charge for parking? Too many people there for reasons other than shopping. First 30 minutes for free.
Validate with purchases.

Anonymous said...

Most of the hip-hop/thug element, who are the ones causing the vast majority of the problems at Lenox, arrive via MARTA, so charging for parking wouldn't help.

Dan S. Edwards said...

Textbook example of socioeconomic tipping point theory. It would be nice to see something tip up, instead of down, every once in awhile...Years ago that area was one of the more elite and most desirable in the South...a real shame.

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