Thursday, November 3, 2022

[ALERT] Changes Are Coming to Popular Colombian Eatery

Kiosco, a popular Marietta area restaurant serving traditional Colombian fare, took to Facebook Wednesday to announce "the dissolution of a wonderful partnership of 13 years," leading many to gather it was closing.  "With love we announce the end of an era at Kiosco and the dissolution of a wonderful partnership of 13 years.  The Bermudez family would like to thank you for making each day an adventure, each meal a labor of love and each connection truly memorable," the post continued.

"This December 31, 2022, we will work our last dinner shift and as of January 1, 2023, we will no longer be involved in restaurant operations" the post added.  

The announcement went on to suggest making reservations ahead of time, saying "Recognizing that space will be in demand this holiday season and seating will be limited, we ask that you make your reservations ahead of time, and we appreciate your kindness as we say goodbye."  

But is it really goodbye?   

With comments pouring in from disappointed patrons, many lamenting the loss of the restaurant that for neighbors had become a local favorite, we took note of one reply that seemed to repeat itself.  

Aracelis Berberena Prieto replied to several comments saying  "Good evening. Juan Carlos Delgado is Kiosco’s owner and I’m his business partner. We are not closing. We will have new management. Same delicious menu and awesome service! Thanks for your patronage!"

Further research indicates that in fact Juan Carlos Delgado is the "Registered Agent" of Kiosco Products, LLC located at 48 Powder Springs Street SE and that Eddie Bermudez, the affable general manager of Kiosco, has become a real estate agent with Sotheby's International Realty.  Bermudez's Sotheby's page references him "transitioning into real estate" after a career in the hospitality business.  

So, while in 2023 you may no longer get to enjoy housemade empanadas, half roasted chicken or paella served to you with the love and hospitality of Eddie, you may be able to buy a house from him... or me, as I, too, pivoted into a real estate career this year.  

Are you a fan of Kiosco? What is your favorite restaurant around the square in Marietta?  Who do you think makes the best empanada in metro Atlanta?

Please share your thoughts below  


Anonymous said...

Kiosco is great. Favorite restaurant in the area is Two Birds. Mac's is overrated but adored by the "see and be seen" crowd.

Anonymous said...

Are they going to open up
Anywhere else it was a great restaurant and the new owners are middle
East cuisine

Anonymous said...

I Moved To Marietta in 2010 ,
When Eddie’s Dad shad The bakery .
Come To Be Great Friends ,
My Fav Place son The whole world .

I moved in 2016 n zMade it back every time I could .
Just saw this was in shock .
Went there Mid Dec For Our anniversary n had no idea .
Best of Luck Eddie !
Going to Be Missed .

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