Thursday, August 17, 2023

[UPDATE] Actual Food Hall to Replace Failed Phony Food Hall in Dunwoody

The owners of Politan Row have signed on to re-imagine the former home of "The Hall" in Dunwoody.  ToNeTo Atlanta was on July 6 first to report on the historic collapse of the so-called "food hall" after less than forty days in business.  Additional reporting by Rough Draft dove deeper into the alleged malfeasance and questionable actions of The Hall founder/owner Jamal Wilson.  

We hinted in our July report at the possibility of Politan Row coming to Ashford Lane.   Bringing in an established operator like Politan Row, already with a successful facility in Midtown's Colony Square, is a definite positive for the project.  

The Politan group is based out of New Orleans and already has locations in: New Orleans, Miami, Jackson, Mississippi, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and in Midtown Atlanta at Colony Square.  Another outpost at The Forum Peachtree Corners was announced this past June and is slated to open in 2024.

"Politan concepts vary from city to city, always reflecting the unique culinary landscape of each market and location. With architectural and design beauty, the group focuses on re-envisioning and elevating the food hall experience while also celebrating the individuality of each city and its culture."

This attention to city specific cuisine and design is what off the bat separates Politan Row from The Hall, which, although nicely appointed, featured restaurants all operated by Wilson in a space that lacked authenticity or character.    

As the food hall environment matures in Atlanta, we continue to be an advocate for the best local talent,” said Politan Row CEO Will Donaldson. “The goal of Politan Row is to be the safe space for flourishing food and beverage startups in Atlanta by offering low-risk, beautiful, functional, and well-located restaurant options.”

Among other notable changes is the planned removal of the central core which will open the sight lines and create a more inviting space.   

Politan Row at Ashford Lane spans 17,000 square feet and will feature nine local food vendors: including: 

Chef Michaela Merrick | Pretty Little Tacos — a Creole-Mexican Street food option which was an early pillar of Birria hotspots in Atlanta. 

Jack Bai | Gekko — a hibachi and ramen experience with high-quality ingredients at an everyday price point.  

Chef Archna Becker | Tandoori Pizza & Wings Co. — an Indian twist on popular comfort staples which has grown in popularity at Colony Square.

Niki Pattharakositkul | 26 Thai — fresh, delicious, and authentic Thai food made from scratch, and utilizing only the finest, locally-sourced ingredients.  

Gregory Vivier | Smokehouse Q — a mouth-watering BBQ with a focus on the natural flavors of the meat accompanied by traditional and savory side items. 

Chefs Charlie Sunyapong and Paul Thai | Sheesh — from the team behind St├Ąge Kitchen & Bar comes a new Mediterranean concept focused on the fresh and eclectic.

In addition to the food vendors, Politan Row (4550 Olde Perimeter Way) will also feature Bar Politan — the group’s craft-oriented neighborhood bar and "The Lounge," a unique cocktail lounge specific to the Dunwoody Hall.  "One of the distinct aspects at Politan Row Colony Square in Midtown is Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge, with its period-specific soundtrack, and brooding, romantic vibe from the era of disco and glam. Inspired by the Midtown success, Benton Bourgeois — one of the original creators of Jojo’s — has planned a sequel for Dunwoody which will advance Midtown’s 70’s concept 10 years into the future with a custom design, curated soundtrack, and era-appropriate cocktail flair, focusing on the time period from 1988 to 1992."  

Pending permitting, plans call for the new Politan Row Ashford Lane to open by Thanksgiving.  

Are you excited for the planned opening of Politan Row at Ashford Lane?  What local chef would you like to see open at Politan Row Ashford Lane? (Perhaps an NFA Burger?)  What is your favorite Atlanta area food hall?

Please share your thoughts below  


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Politan, you guys are going to crush it!!

Anonymous said...

this is a much better fit. I couldn't see the hall succeeding as it was.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll come and live inside the Perimeter where the real food halls are. I promise you it's not scary. You can even stay out after it gets dark outside!

Anonymous said...

I work across the street from Colony Square and Politan Row and there’s great variety and it does a huge business most days at lunch and after work. This is a win for this beleaguered development!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to another establishment after the great disappointment of The Hall. Sounds like this will be right on track for a local go to.

Anonymous said...

“Historic collapse?” Paging Dr. Hyperbole.

Anonymous said...

I’d argue the “individuality and culture” of dunwoody would probably be the most blandest mayo sandwich on the planet.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn’t, someone would be saying “hookah” or spouting gibberish in an attempt to “mock” the non-mayonnaise crowd.

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