Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jimmy John's Wants A Bite of Toco Hills

Jimmy John's will soon open its newest location at Toco Hills Promenade.

Champaign, Illinois-based Jimmy John's is opening on the cusp of Toco Hills Promenade early next year.  The "gourmet sandwich" franchise has grown its metro presence quite a bit over the past few years, adding multiple Buckhead and midtown locations, as well as restaurants in Decatur, Sandy Springs and Norcross.

Toco Hills Promenade is the Publix-anchored center near the corner of North Druid Hills and Clairmont Roads.  The adjacent Kroger-anchored Toco Hill shopping center is located near the intersection of North Druid Hills and LaVista Roads.  The centers appear to be one, but to the right of the upcoming Jimmy John's is the separation between the two centers.  (To the right of Jimmy John's is Famous Pub.)

Both centers are popular with students of nearby Emory University and between the two have virtually something for everyone.

Columbia, South Carolina-based Edens is the current owner of Toco Hills Promenade and recently completed renovations that have made the center both easier to navigate as well as given it a more updated look.  Additionally, numerous restaurants have been added over the past couple couple of years including Menchie's, La Parilla and Mirko Pasta.  Retailers such as Learning Express, Game Stop and Leslie's Pool Supply have also joined the center.

Despite the fact that the white bread Jimmy John's uses is among the more unhealthy types of breads, their options and pricing make them a favorite of mine.  Jimmy John's is also known for their "freaky fast delivery" something that makes them quite popular and sought after.

Where is your favorite sandwich shop?  Do you like Jimmy John's or do you prefer  more complicated and more expensive options like Which Wich? What would you like to see open in Toco Hills?


AJ said...

The white bread is awesome. But JJs does offer wheat. And the carb friendly/gluten free option of a lettuce wrap.

TheJohnP said...

Can't abide a "sub" shop that doesn't offer meatball as an option. Seriously

Tom said...

Another lunch spot in that part of Toco Hills? Parking at noon on weekdays is already non-existent because of all the other restaurants and the Department of Labor office. I used to go to the Toco Hills Ace Hardware, Pet Supermarket, and Publix over my lunch hour, but I've started going elsewhere simply because you can drive around that parking lot for 10 minutes without finding any parking.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see so much life in that shopping center, but I agree about the parking. It's a nightmare, and not just at lunch time now. Just trying to go to the Publix on a weekday night has become a challenge because of how crowded the parking lot is now. The other day I went to the ACE Hardware and had to park over by Shoe Center.

Kenbud said...

What's wrong with their white bread?

Kenbud said...

What's wrong with JJ's white bread

Atlantan99 said...

Hey @ Kenbud,

Personally, not a fan of the white and just tried the suggested whaeat and it was actually quite good. The white just seems cheap ( and less healthy) to me.

Thanks for reading the site and for the comment.

Carl said...

The bread (including the "wheat," as if the white bread is instead made with millet or something) is truly deplorable and embarrassing. I think I went to the Decatur location twice, and I even lived in the same building. I've never understood why people would choose to eat there when there are so many other options. It's like some sort of strange (and relatively expensive) cult.