Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Copper Cove Indian Bistro Opening in Buckhead...Soon?

A new Indian restaurant is (supposedly) coming to Buckhead.

Copper Cove Indian Bistro is "opening soon" at 2991 North Fulton Drive, just off Pharr Road.  The new restaurant has been in the works since August 2012, and signage on the building indicates they are "opening soon."

In 2012, the project was known as "Indian Restaurant."  In September 2013, it became known as "Copper Chimney Indian Bistro," before changing once again to "Copper Cove Indian Bistro," as of this past November.

If and when it finally opens, Copper Cove will join Bhojanic at the Shops Around Lenox and the upcoming NaanStop as Indian eateries in Buckhead.


Dan said...

And not forgetting the long established 'Raja' on Peachtree Road.

Atlantan99 said...


That place is so bad I guess I forgot.

Thanks for the catch and for the comments.

nsk said...

Raja is totally acceptable for naan. I've never tried anything else there, so I can't comment.

My question is, what is with these brown people who think they're going to get Buckhead whites to start eating Indian food? The food makes your hands dirty, smells funny, and often doesn't look appetizing. Price point doesn't matter. I can't think of one Indian restaurant that has mainstream acceptance in Atlanta, let alone the south in general.

Bhojanic doesn't count because they serve mall-food-court fare at fine-dining prices.

Dan said...

NSK: Bhojanic is fantastic, to suggest there food is mall court is just ridiculous.

Mind you I should have stopped reading at the 'brown people' and 'hands dirty' comments.

So Indian food clearly isn't your thing but to suggest it hasn't been accepted by the 'mainstream' is absurd. Does that mean you and your friends don't like it?

And you went to Raja and just ate a Naan bread?? Right....

Anonymous said...

Indian food is the worst.

TastyChef said...

nsk - You are out of line and absurd to the max with your racial comments... not to mention, wrong. Indian food is uniquely complex in its seasonings. What the world needs now is more Indian restaurants.

pyrolanta said...

So @Atlanta99,

we're just allowing racially offensive comments on your blog now?

nsk said...

Hi Dan and TastyChef,

I have to admit that I was baiting with my earlier comment. I'm Pakistani and live in Buckhead. That said, I stand by everything I wrote.

I bought takeout naan from Raja because my wife inexplicably won't let me convert our outdoor gas fire pit into a tandoor, and packaged naan just doesn't do justice to her excellent homemade nihari.

If you really like south Asian food, I advise you head east toward Patel Brothers in Decatur and try Gokul, Zyka, and Luqma. Those three are the best ITP south Asian restaurants.

Consider yourselves enlightened.

Anonymous said...

The last time I ate Indian food I was "enlightened" on the toilet for about an hour.

Wayne Keith said...

I GOT IT! Like Indian Food eat it! Don't Like Indian Food then Don't!

Carl Black said...

Apparently they are now open.