Friday, April 22, 2016

Golden Corral Coming to Cobb Parkway

Buffet chain hits the bulls-eye in new location. 

Raleigh, North Carolina-based Golden Corral plans to open a new restaurant on Cobb Parkway.  The new restaurant will be situated adjacent to a recently opened Zaxby's in an outparcel of the Target (formerly Richway) in the 2200 block of Cobb Parkway, just north of the upcoming SunTrust Park. The restaurant will be built in place of a long since demolished Bally Total Fitness.  

I first heard about this proposed restaurant in 2014, but was told the deal had fallen apart last year.  It seems things changed and the restaurant got the green light.  

The approximately 11,000 square foot restaurant is slated to break ground in June and could open by late fall.  

Golden Corral, with the tagline "Best Buffet in the USA," offers value-oriented, family friendly, buffet style dining. Additionally, the restaurant is very supportive of veterans, with the new location likely opening in time for its annual Veterans' Day/Military Appreciation Day in early November. 

Another new Golden Corral opened in an outparcel of North DeKalb Mall in early 2013.  

No word yet on whether Atlanta native and Golden Corral spokesperson Jeff Foxworthy will make an appearance at the opening.  

Are you excited to have Golden Corral opening another metro Atlanta location?  What is your favorite buffet in metro Atlanta?  Do you think this latest Golden Corral will do especially well given its proximity to SunTrust Park?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Dang! I was hopping for something better. Golden Corral is nasty. Last time I went, my flip flop stuck to the carpet. Rather have Old Country Buffet - yum!

Anonymous said...

This will do very well before Braves' games.

Ham said...

Tearing down a gym and opening an all you can eat buffet – seems about right. Obviously there is a market are they wouldn’t be building these places all around town. I personally don’t like entire Golden Corral experience. I ate there several years ago for a large family gather and was appalled not at the food, serve or restaurant in general, but at my fellow dinners. I actually saw people literally eating off the buffet line as they waited to fill their plates.

Anonymous said...

Golden Corral is epic. I saw someone stick their fried chicken leg in the chocolate fountain ~ in my observation so many unhealthy people there to gorge on as much as they can. Doesn't matter if it tastes like prison food or the school or hospital cafeteria from early 1970's, people will stuff themselves silly with thr philosophy that eating more than one plate is free food. ... the only all you can eat I will go to is Sweet Tomatoes.

vespajet said...

@Ham, the Bally's location had been closed for some time when it was torn down. It was one of a number of locations that Bally's closed during their bankruptcy in 2008 (Their second in as many years.).

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sweet Tomatoes and Old County Buffet are great all you can eat restaurants. Golden Corral is awful. Have been to several growing up and I will not go to any now. I have also seen people eat at the buffet line ... 😱

Coolio said...

Anonymous @ 3:17 nailed it. It's why my gf and I don't go anymore, literally makes us sick to see that.

Anonymous said...

It all depends which location you go to. My family loves the one in Alpharetta. Delicious food and excellent service!!!!!