Friday, January 21, 2011

Three Dollar Cafe Opening New Location in Embry Village

Three Dollar Cafe will soon open at Embry Village on Chamblee-Tucker Road. Although the center's leasing company showed the restaurant opening across from Kroger in a stand alone outparcel within the center, the restaurant will instead open in the space left empty by The Loop Pizza Grill. (Calls to The Leasing Team for comment on the move went unreturned.) The Loop closed last summer and left a built-out 2-level restaurant space empty.

While the Loop struggled locally, Three Dollar Cafe has managed to stick around for nearly three decades. Originally launched in Atlanta in 1982, the chain now has locations scattered around the state. Similar in price and fare to Taco Mac and Jocks & Jills, Three Dollar Cafe has not grown as big as some of its competitors, but has somehow remained relevant in the neighborhoods in which it is located.

The chain shuttered their location at Peachtree & Pharr Roads in the heart of Buckhead which was among other things rumored at one point to become an upscale movie theater. Amidst the mess that is The Streets of Buckhead, alas, nothing has materialized there. Two locations on Roswell Road, one near Chastain Park and the another in Dunwoody, are still open, and do well, I'm told.

One strange thing: the chain is apparently now owned by an Asian family who were very secretive and almost scary when I called to inquire about the new location. I was questioned as to where I obtained Mr. Woo's number (Won Dug Woo is apparently the owner) and what I wanted, who I was etc... very paranoid.

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Anonymous said...

It's funny you say they are secretive because I've come across something "strange" that they do as well. At Three Dollar Cafe, you are not allowed to take out a side of wing sauce but you can order as many sides as you want for dine in only. It's almost like they are afraid that you're going to do a scientific experiment to determine the secret ingrediants in their sauce if you take it with you.

thejohnp said...

I'll be honest, I kind of forgot that Three Dollar Cafe was still around. Same thing with Jocks & Jills.

At least Taco Mac has the CNN Center and VaHi location to keep them more visible.

But glad someone is taking over the Loop space. Embry Hills needs more options, even if it is a sports bar.

KC said...

Is this deal still on? I live in the neighborhood right near the shopping center, and it looks like absolutely nothing is happening.

Our area is so desperate for anything. We are not thrilled about Three Dollar, but at least it was something. Better than a nearly empty shopping center.


Atlantan99 said...


As far as I know, it's still on. It would shock me if the owner drags his feet in opening judging from what I've heard. I tried reaching out to "The Leasing Team" who did the deal and got nowhere. I'll update if I get further details.

tkbuik said...

Thats good news 3 dollars is opening up!!! There tons of people that go to Kroger and are in the neighborhood let hope they have a full bar and LCD TV to watch the games if they do the place will do good. The wings are very good at 3 dollar. i live right down the street off chamblee tucker, a local place to go is good for the area...

Anonymous said...

I met some friends there for lunch today. I ordered the grouper sandwich and it was huge so I shared it with my friend and it was delicious. some ordered the wings and say they are the best they have had and come there every week just for the wings. They had a good crowd there. I think they will make a go of it too but wish they had more sides to choose from. They only had fries and squash casserole to choose from. I would go back as I just work down the street. I did not enjoy the Loop that much.

Mo said...

I actually work at the new location. Mr. Woo & his family are very nice, but choose to keep to themselves, and who can blame them when anyone will steal ideas/recipes to make a quick buck.

I have worked at three other Three Dollar Cafes & visited two others, and I must say, I like this location the best.

We have more than two sides to choose from. We still don't have many, but you may choose from steak fries, onion rings, pasta salad, {our famous} squash casserole, fruit salad, steamed veggies, garlic toast, etc.

Don't be so harsh on a restaurant you don't know details about. Three dollar has been good to me, & if you give us a chance, I ensure you won't be let down. * Just ask for Morgan* :)

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