Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Three on the Tree Shifts Out of Buckhead

This past Sunday, Three on the Tree has closed its first and only stand alone location on Roswell Road in North Buckhead. Three on the Tree is owned by the group that owns Fellini's Pizza, La Fonda Latina and Leroy's Fried Chicken. Immediately a favorite of mine when it opened last August, Three on the Tree's service had gone down hill and its prices had gone up, never a good combination for any business. Texas-based Swirll Frozen Yogurt recently opened across the street from the Tree and surely had an affect on the closure, but I would say minimal. It's sad to see the Tree close after just about a year in business but the writing was on the wall as I added them to my DeathWatch this past quarter and myself had not been back to the Buckhead location in over three months.

While the name, Three on The Tree confused many, and multiple interpretations of the meaning surfaced, it was the unique flavors that made me a fan and caused me to sing their praises. Flavors like Brown Sugar Spice Cake, Spiced Banana and Blueberry Smoothie made me a regular but the aforementioned issues turned me off and into a regular at Yogurtland to score flavors like Devils Food Cupcake Batter and Superfruit Tart.

Additionally, while Three on the Tree previously worked with Atlanta Fresh in sourcing organic, local yogurt, that partnership is no more and the remaining Three on the Tree within Fellini's on LaVista has been using another yogurt for a couple of months now. It's my understanding that Julia LeRoy continues to craft flavors for the shop but has had to dedicate much of her time to her chicken joint on Howell Mill. The space on Howell Mill was originally scheduled to be another Three on the Tree but those plans were scrapped, perhaps because of lagging numbers at the Buckhead location.

I'm told the space will now be turned into some sort of hot dog joint, name and opening TBD.

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Anonymous said...

Never understood why Clay Harper would open this thing in the 1st place. I guess just to pass the time counting the tens of millions he makes off of Fellin's and LaFonda each year. Must have been a tax write off or something.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why they were building a patio out front if they were closing? Seems strange to do that and then shutter in about a two week period.

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