Thursday, April 4, 2013

With Evos Closed and Five Guys Struggling, BurgerFi Entering Midtown

Delray Beach, Flordia-based BurgerFi is planning a new location in midtown Atlanta.

BurgerFi's midtown location will occupy 3,600 square feet within 77 12th, a 23-story mixed-use tower within the 12th & Midtown project along Peachtree Street.

The better burger chain has a number of locations in the works in the metro including restaurants in Alpharetta, Kennesaw and Emory.  The better burger chain once claimed to have locations coming to Brookhaven and multiple other local markets but it seems those have been tabled for now.

I've not yet been to a BurgerFi but I have been to Burger21, another Florida-based better burger chain that has multiple Atlanta area locations in the works.  I'm no burger expert but come on, how many ways can you really differentiate a damn burger? Farm raised? Organic? Hormone free?

In a press release sent earlier today, Shirley Gouffon, senior vice president of Selig Enterprises was quoted to have said “BurgerFi is arguably the best burger concept in the country."  I think the same could be said for any new to market concept.  They are all freakin wonderful... especially when from Florida.  Urban Flats? Evos? Pita's Republic?

BurgerFi will join upcoming chain eateries Panera Bread and Newk's eatery in making midtown just another TOWN Brookhaven style food court food court packed with mediocre chains.

Personally my favorite "healthy hamburger" is from Farm Burger with Grindhouse being a close second. 
** ( New Farm Burger just opened in Asheville, NC and new Grindhouse is coming soon to Athens, GA) 

Where do you go for burgers?  Have you been to BurgerFi or Burger21?  Do you think BurgerFi will do well in midtown?  


AJ said...

1st positive thing I can see is checking out their menu - calorie counts. And in general, as I've always believed, people will vote with their wallets, it's as simple as that. Also, I'm a firm believer that regardless of how many burger/pizza/yogurt/cupcake/etc places we have in Atlanta, we'll always be able to find the more unique places too. It's the great thing about being in a big city. Even when there's "a million" places with the same thing, you'll always be able to find the unique options as well.

Disco said...

I agree that Farm Burger is the best in town...its delicious.


"BurgerFi will join upcoming chain eateries Panera Bread and Newk's eatery in making midtown just another TOWN Brookhaven style food court food court packed with mediocre chains."

Absolute nonsense...the food court you talk of is I presume the area between 10th & 14th Street?

Which is also home to STK, Cucina Asselina, Front Page News, Luxe, South City Kitchen, Olmsteads, Cafe Intermezzo, Tin Lizzys, etc etc etc

Its pretty damn exciting that Midtown is getting so many new restaurants and bars opening.

TFA said...

Disco - Midtown getting new restaurants? Sorry, but it doesn't sound like BurgerFi is a restaurant at all - just another fast food slinging joint.

These new buildings could be doing a much better job at getting independent, non-chain, carefully sourced restaurants renting. It would do wonders for the area and value of the homes. Look at what Decatur has done by keeping out chains (Ruby Tuesday and Ted's being the exception and probably two of the least popular places). Everybody is going out of their way to go there and property has jumped in price.

Another burger place does nothing but hurt and will likely be out of business within a year.

Anonymous said...

BTW when is Yeah Burger going out of business?

SB said...

Can't expect landlords to act in the best interest of the surrounding community right? They just want tenants who will pay rent and have some credit behind them to actually pay even if they flop.

Look at the landlord(s) on Highland south of Dark Horse Tavern. They clearly are not acting in the interest of the neighborhood and their own investment by illogically signing NO ONE to leases. LOWER THE RENTS!

Similarly, the rents that Selig/Daniel want are SO high that no non-chain can pay it.

AND if a Ford Fry or Ron Eyester etc etc opened there we'd just rip them for opening in such a cookie cutter building with no character!

Disco said...

I take your point TFA but its not as though they are leasing to a Pizza Hut, Wendys or even a Ruby Tuesday.

A mix of local, independent and national chains is at the heart of every BIG city....

The best thing about all of this is density....midtown is becoming a live/work/play neighborhood.

Decatur is great because its walkable, Midtown is much the same.

Anonymous said...

Midtown is already a tough sell to a lot of people. You need the 'name' chains to draw people in. Look what happened to Noon Midtown and Bakeshop Atlanta. They came and went because they're not names.

Newks, Panera Bread and Burger FI are certainly a major step above Subway, Burger King and even fast casual chains like Chilis and Applebees. I think they will be a welcome addition and I think they'll be successful.

Atlantan99 said...


I generally agree but think that NOON was in a TERRIBLE location. Bakeshop was supposedly bought out of thier lease. Lime is sure to soon close as will other dumb openings.

Thanks for your thoughts and readership.

Anonymous said...

places don't come and go because of name recognition, its more about the business model/plan they employ. 5 p's (piss poor planning promotes poor performance) apply to everyone in life, businesses too. Besides, "businesses are people" so why wouldn't it apply to them?. Chain/name recognition or not, if you have a bad plan it wont work in any business.

And let's get this straight...Atlanta is not a BIG city, one of the larger cities, absolutely, larger than most, certainly yes...but, the city of Atlanta doesn't have a population to support such claims without adding its surrounding suburbs and close proximity city/townships even the ones nobody likes to admit exist in Atlanta. 400,000 people is nowhere near BIG.

And yes...Farm Burger is THE best anywhere. A company that went trough the work of planning, and in the process finding a niche and doing their homework!

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