Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fadó Bringing the Luck of the Irish to Cursed Midtown Location

Irish pub opening in midtown.

Fadó Irish Pub will open its second Atlanta area location next year in midtown Atlanta.  The pub has locations across the country but has been looking to expand its metro Atlanta presence.  The new 5,238 square foot Fadó will open at the corner of Peachtree and 8th Streets at the Shops at Metropolis.  Fadó is opening in place of the short -lived La Tagliatella, an Italian restaurant.

Fadó was reportedly in talks for the midtown space about a year ago but apparently lost out to La Tagliatella.  Fadó was also reportedly in talks to open a new restaurant at Elan Westside, a new apartment complex on Howell Mill, but has since pulled its interest from the project.  

Midtown is already home to Rí Rá Irish Pub at 1010 Midtown but I think the new Fadó will do very well.

The new Fadó is expected to open in the first quarter of next year and joins an existing location on Buckhead Avenue in serving the Atlanta market Irish fare and a wide assortment of beers.


Anonymous said...

Meehan's moves into Fado's Buckhead market. Fado moves into Ri Ra's midtown market. What does Ri Ra do?

Atlantan99 said...

@Anon RE: Ri Ra,

Close? What are your thought on each? Food specifically.

Thanks for your comments and for your readership.

Vett Vandiver said...

looking forward to it! hope things go better for them!

Dan said...

Love this news....definitely think there is space for Rira and Fado in Midtown.

Pretty exciting times for this stretch of Peachtree with 'World of Beer' opening soon too.

And I don't think its overkill either....Taco Mac and Hudson Grill sit opposite each other and both kill it.

Excellent addition!

Anonymous said...

This is excellent news! This will reduce my 15 minute walk to an Irish bar down to 3-5 minutes!

With all of the new apartments slated to be built, they definitely need more quality places.

Anonymous said...

Food at Fado is pretty good imo. Their fish'n chips are top notch. Maybe not quite as good as Brick Store Pub in Decatur, but outside of a pub in Dublin or London, you wont find better than Brick Store fish'n chips. I've never been disappointed with anything at Fado.

Dan said...

The English/Irish breakfast served at Ri-Ra is the best breakfast by far in Atlanta.

Proper Irish Sausages and Bacon (none of that streaky American stuff)and black and white pudding.

Awesomeness on a plate....why people wait in line at places like Flying Biscuit when you have this available is beyond me.

Anonymous said...


Fado's breakfast is on point with Ri Ra's in every way, except it does have them beat in one way...it comes with Irish Brown Soda Bread, or Potato Bread versus white toast at Ri Ra. But both are good...broader than that Fado's food is better, and they operate better pubs. BTW, I think you are the only person ever to bash American bacon..

Dan said...

Maybe I was being a bit rasher(er) on American Bacon but it simply doesn't compare with its Irish/Danish namesake!

I agree with you that Fado's broader menu is better than Ri Ra. I actually prefer when Ri Ra run their late night menu with the Hooley Kebabs etc.

It will be great to have a second Midtown irish pub to frequent early on Saturday mornings for the English Premier League!

Anonymous said...

I love the food at Fado

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