Thursday, August 6, 2015

Edyn Boutique A Bust in Brookhaven

Brookhaven boutique to close

Edyn Boutique to close its TOWN Brookhaven location. The independent boutique was opened by local resident Darleen Helrich during the summer of 2011.   The women's clothing, gifts and accessories boutique will cease operations effective August 31st.  

Currently the store is offering 40% off existing inventory.  

Edyn marks the first retail closure in the development, but likely not the last.  A number of restaurants have previously closed in the center including Slack's Hoagie Shack, Stir Crazy, The Cup,  Treza, Bonehead's and Swirll Frozen Yogurt. A previously planned BurgerFi restaurant never opened.  

Edyn is situated between Noche and Shucks Oyster & Wine Bar, both concepts from Atlanta-based Here To Serve Restaurants.  While Here to Serve opened in the place of former TOWN Brookhaven tenants Stir Crazy (Smash Kitchen & Bar) and The Cup (Shucks Oyster & Wine Bar), a source tells me the group has no intention of pursuing the Edyn space.   

Following Edyn's closure, Boogaloos, Collage Boutique, Dress Up Boutique, Lila Boutique and Marshalls will be the remaining clothing-centric stores in the center.  Something tells me that Edyn will not be the last boutique closure there.  

What is your favorite TOWN Brookhaven boutique?   What would you like to see open in place of Edyn Boutique? What do you make of the fact that signage for both Treza and Boneheads remains up at the center's entrance more than a year since each closed?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

The number of closures just shows that Town Brookhaven as a whole is an utter and complete failure. While it has some strong tenants it cannot attract enough of them and has had to take chances on bad concepts/plans or not limit the number of the same types of businesses (I'm looking at you boutiques. Why on earth open a store here?)

These constant failures and large amounts of available space in the center is in face of almost record occupancy in the retail sector.

Want a case study for how to do a mixed-use development badly? This is it

Anonymous said...

While certainly not a raving success, I'm not sure I'd call it a complete failure either. It opened during a ravishing commercial property famine. It's anchors are all still intact. As long as they keep infilling holes with new tenants, the ones that the community likes will survive.

Ham said...

It’s such a short drive to Buckhead or Dunwoody that only the most committed locals are going to patronize this center. Merchants need to identify who they are and what they want. Also, Brookhaven has a sizable Hispanic population do any of the centers merchants cater to this demographic? The data I saw indicated that over half the residents are not families, so they are most likely singles. This means there may be some disposable income to be had, but the trick is convincing folks to spend it there and not a little South on Peachtree.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Just once I'd like to see the blog compliment a live, work, play community. There isn't a single one in Atlanta that you have liked or hoped would succeed.

Stacy said...

I don't see how any boutique in this day and age can make any really money. Every time I go in one, I can't make the math work in my head for a way for any store with that small of an inventory to be profitable

Anonymous said...

Some of these comments are hilarious. Calling TOWN a complete failure? Every major anchor is still open and remains very busy. Restaurants and boutiques will always churn quickly as it's a very tough sector to survive in. If you've ever been to Brookhaven, you would know that this development is not convenient to the hispanic population at all so it would make no sense to have hispanic-centric businesses here.

cafeej said...

Regarding the number of Hispanics in Brookhaven, they patronize Plaza Fiesta. Town Brookhaven was not built for this demographic.

Anonymous said...

I went to Town Brookhaven twice, my first and last time. The layout for "streets" and parking lots create the most miserable experience for getting in and out of the place that I have ever seen. I will never go back there again.

Anonymous said...

You're not OTP - sprawling surface parking isn't possible everywhere. There are plenty of parking decks and even a valet on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

it's only miserable if you pick the worst ways in and out. I enter and leave the same way: go down Hermance, turn left by the gas station, drive around the back of the Costco, find a spot in the main lot.

I mostly just go to Costco, as the rest of it doesn't excite me that much. 'There' is actually pretty good. I've heard that some of the other restaurants are decent enough, but I'm not going to drive 6 miles or so for them. I've heard that the parking lot at Publix is quite a poorly designed cluster.

The whole thing is basically just like a strip shopping center, but shaped differently. Nothing to get worked up about.


ImAndy said...

We went last night (Thursday) to eat at Noche. The hostess had a horrible attitude and asked if we had reservations. I literally laughed as I told her no. She said it would be an hour and 20 minute wait so we went to smash and it was terrible. At least Noche and costco are doing great lol that's all I patronize.

Anonymous said...

I live in Brookhaven and go to Town Brookhaven weekly. I find it hard to see how anyone who goes to it as often as I do could ever call it a complete failure, especially since its packed every evening and slammed to the point on weekends you don't want to go (while annoying, its definitely the opposite of failure).

As far as traveling to Buckhead and Dunwoody, if you live South of Windsor Pkwy, you rarely go to Dunwoody at all, and even driving 2 miles to Buckhead can be rough.

Also, if you really looked at the demographics of the immediate area, you would see why Dress Up is killing it and why more than one boutique geared to under 35 women can be a success.

Town Brookhaven isn't perfect by any means, but nowhere near a failure.

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