Friday, November 3, 2017

[EXCLUSIVE] BrickTop's Bows Out at Buckhead's Terminus

BrickTop's restaurant at Terminus in Buckhead will close December 31, according to multiple sources close to the restaurant.  Opened in late 2007, BrickTop's at Terminus was one of the first expansion markets in which the Nashville-based chain opened. BrickTop's at Terminus was likely at the end of what was a ten year lease.  Sources indicate that talks had been underway for the past few months for the restaurant to sign a new lease, but terms were never agreed upon and BrickTop's reportedly elected to walk away.  
Houston's co-founder Joe Ledbetter opened the original BrickTop's in a former Houston's restaurant in the Nashville community of West End in 2006.  Many consider BrickTop's to be a Houston's "imitation."  Houston's also started in Nashville, but today is part of Hillstone Restaurant Group and based in Beverly Hills.  In Atlanta, Houston's operates three highly successful restaurants in Buckhead, one near BrickTop's at the corner of Lenox and East Paces Ferry Roads.  

Following the closure, BrickTop's will continue to operate eight other restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Naples & Coral Gables, Florida, Nashville (2) and St. Louis. 

BrickTop's was one of the last of the original restaurant tenants at Terminus 100, located near the dynamic intersection of Piedmont and Peachtree Roads in Buckhead. Terminus, developed by local Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Cousins Properties, today includes two office towers, Terminus 100 and 200 and condos, 10 Terminus Place.  

Flying Biscuit Cafe's Terminus location, once owned by a group that included George McKerrow Jr. and Jeff Dauler, is the last of the original restaurant tenants at Terminus 100 still in business.  The restaurant, which only serves breakfast and lunch, has been up for sale at least once in recent years and its future is questionable.  

Prior restaurant closures at Terminus include AquaKnox, MF Sushi, Amura Sushi & SteakEmerald Coast Coffee & Grille, DressedYogurberry, Lola Bellini Bar & Restaurant and Cantina Taqueria & Tequila Bar

Dallas, Texas-based Consolidated Restaurant Operations, Inc. announced plans in 2008 to open their III Forks Prime Steakhouse and Cantina Laredo restaurants in Terminus 200 but neither ever opened.  

Subway, which opened in place of the former Dressed in early 2011, Industry Tavern which opened in place of Emerald Coast Coffee & Grille in 2014, and Wildleaf, purveyor of gourmet salads, which opened in place of Yogurberry earlier this year, are some of the new eateries that have opened at the complex.  Additionally,  Starbucks opened in late 2015 in place of a portion of the former Amura/MF, adjacent to Chick-fil-A, which opened during the summer of 2008.    

Bain & Co., which currently occupies office space within the Terminus 100 tower, is moving to 1180 Peachtree in Midtown in the coming months.  

Thus far, there is no word on what may replace BrickTop's, but given Ford Fry's tendency to open in vacated high-profile restaurant spaces [St. Cecilia/King & Duke] in Buckhead, perhaps he will be courted to fill the space.  

What would you like to see open in place of BrickTop's at Terminus?  Do you frequent Terminus for many meals?  Why do you think so many restaurants have failed at Terminus?

Please share your thoughts below.  


ITPDP said...

Too confusing a location. Ingress and egress issues from both Peachtree and Piedmont roads will be the bane of any sit-down restaurant that resides there.

Anonymous said...

I find it very easy to enter and depart. I think that people just don't like doing the valet parking there. MHO

Anonymous said...

Great food and atmosphere. Hate to see it leave the area.

Anonymous said...

Great food and atmosphere. Hate to see it go.

Unknown said...

My wife and I loved Bricktops. Never considered it to be an imitation of any other restaurant. We hate to see it go.

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