Saturday, October 30, 2021

[EXCLUSIVE] Marlow's Tavern Pulls Out of The Prado in Sandy Springs

Marlow's Tavern has closed their outpost at The Prado, a development just inside the perimeter, in Sandy Springs.  The restaurant, which opened in late 2013, reportedly closed earlier this month.  The roughly 2,800 square foot space has been emptied of basically everything, with little left to indicate Marlow's was ever there.  The restaurant's closure is the latest in a string of closures at the mixed-use development.  Following the Sandy Springs closure, fifteen Marlow's remain in business in the greater metro Atlanta area plus an additional five in central Florida.  

When contacted for comment regarding the closure of the Marlow's Tavern at The Prado, Marlow's Executive Chef and co-owner John C. Metz provided the following statement: 

"We have decided not to renew our lease at The Prado in Sandy Springs. All of our dedicated and valued employees are now working at another Marlow’s Tavern. We are grateful to have served this community and hope that our loyal guests will visit our nearby taverns in Brookhaven or Dunwoody." 

Strangely, The Prado sent out an email Friday October 31 in which it encourages you to book your holiday party at several restaurants in the development, including Marlow's.  

The Prado location is the third that the chain, which started in Alpharetta in 2004, has closed in Georgia.  Marlow's closed their location at The Point (then Emory Point) in 2019, and last year closed their outpost at Mall of Georgia in Buford.  The chain also previously closed locations in Orlando and Winter Park, Florida.  

The closure of Marlow's Tavern at The Prado marks at least the third closure at the development this year following the recent closure of Peter Glenn Ski & Sports, which later reopened at nearby Sandy Springs Plaza.  This past February, Starbucks also closed its outpost in the development which occupied a highly visible, drive-thru enabled space along Roswell Road.  ToNeTo Atlanta has in years past chronicled several other closures at the project including Publix, Barberitos and 5 Seasons Brewing.  GameStop also closed its shop in the project in 2020.  

Earlier closures in the project include Yogurt Mountain, AFC Urgent Care, EVOS, Yoreka, Staples, Rooms 1 2 3 and Larry's Giant Subs, among others, while plans for outposts of The Home Depot and Bruegger's Bagels were abandoned before ever opening.  

Are you surprised to see Marlow's Tavern having closed at The Prado in Sandy Springs?  What is your favorite restaurant at The Prado in Sandy Springs?  What would you like to see open in place of the former Marlow's at The Prado in Sandy Springs?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Inside Peachtree Corners said...

That development has just been riddled with closures since opening. Roadside visibility is minimal for many of the shops and restaurants, plus not to mention that parking in the decks can be confusing.

Anonymous said...

(Most) of the tenants are not visible from Roswell Road. It is not easy to enter or exit, even with the signalized entrance. The parking is too tight. That's 3 good reasons too many people drive past Prado without entering.

Anonymous said...

The Prado is a failed development, much like Lindbergh City Center. Confusing to navigate, very little parking, not pedestrian friendly, and it's in a corridor along Roswell Road where people really don't want to linger. They just want to get in and out. And even before crime overtook Lindbergh City Center and destroyed it, people would not go there to pay and park or get a ticket that they'd have to validate. That place has become a ghost town, which reflects very badly on MARTA and the City of Atlanta, which put so many resources over the year towards it.

Anonymous said...

It's duh crime and duh element stupids! But we are unable to address those issues are we?

Anonymous said...

Not surprising, whoever developed that shopping center did a horrible job. It's a confusing maze with parking garages. They need to look into Avalon for something that is done right for the suburbs.

Anonymous said...

The design and layout of Lindbergh is the least of the problems for that development. I drove through the Prado once, the driveway/parking was so confounding that I did not have the time to glance around to see what was there.
You'd think that the developers, designers and architects would have learned long ago that this sort of development has a lot that could be improved on.

powerdoc said...

As a neighborhood-regular to Marlow's, it was a destination and not necessarily dependent on visibility. It was always busy and perhaps it was the attitude of the landlord. Like the loss of the Publix there and the Kroger on Johnson Ferry the landlords have to realize the value of the anchor stores although Target should be anchor ; but certainly the loss of a few years' income to the landlord whit the demise of Publix should alert them to the necessity of reality-based-in-the-era-of-Covid rents. We'll miss Marlows.

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