Thursday, December 7, 2023

[CLOSURE ALERT] Popular Local Greek Restaurant Saying Goodbye After Nearly 50 Years

A popular East Cobb restaurant will close early next year after a combined total of nearly fifty years in business.  Christos owner Christos Giannes took to Facebook Thursday to announce that his Greek restaurant will close permanently as of January 15, 2024. 

Giannes and his family operated Kouzina Christos at Terrell Mill Village for about four decades before closing it at the end of 2020.  The "reimiagined" Christos debuted in June 2021 at Market Plaza (1255 Johnson Ferry Road) in the heart of East Cobb and in a center also home to area staples Bagelicious, Fuji Hana, Ali's Cookies and Mediterranean Grill.  

Giannes did not provide a specific reason for the closure but did offer his heartfelt thoughts on what the restaurant has meant to him, his staff and patrons.

"For over 45 incredible years, Christos has been more than a restaurant; it’s been a heartbeat in the community, a place where memories bloom and friendships flourish. As January 15, 2024, approaches, marking the end of an era for our beloved Christos, we are reaching out with warm hearts and open arms. 

Our journey, like our dishes, has been rich and full of flavor – seasoned with laughter, resilience, and triumphs. Founders John and Maria, alongside Sandy and the rest of our family, have been privileged to be part of your lives, through every celebration and moment of connection. 

Before we take our final bow, we ask you to join us once more. Let’s fill our dining room with the sound of clinking glasses, the aroma of favorite meals, and the warmth of shared stories. Come, be part of the grand finale of a place that's touched lives and fostered a spirit of togetherness. 

Here’s to the traditions, the bonds, and the simple joy of a meal shared. Christos is not just saying farewell; we're commemorating the indelible mark we've made in each other's lives. Let's make these last days glow with the essence of what we've built together. 

Toast with us. Dine with us. Share your stories with us. It’s not just a goodbye, it’s a tribute to the legacy we've all created.

There is no word yet on who may replace Christos in the 3,159 square foot space but according to Steve Josovitz of The Shumacher Group, a local restaurant brokerage, second generation restaurant space is especially sought after with the inflated costs of building out new restaurants cost prohibitive to many.  

Also in Market Plaza, a new restaurant concept was announced last year for the former Red Sky Tapas and Bar that was to be called 1255 Social (the number matching the street address) featuring a wood-fire grill and oven and locally- and regionally - sourced dinner fare.  A sign also went up bearing the 1255 Social name.  Recently, however, the temporary sign was removed and a permanent sign for "Reunion" has gone up.  Ilene Kapper Oxman, who along with her husband, owns Harry's Pizza & Subs on Powers Ferry Road, is still a partner in the Market Plaza restaurant, but Marion Saxon, who was also a partner, is reportedly no longer involved.  

Following the closure of Christos, John Gianoulidis, Giannes' younger brother, will seek to continue the family's legacy in Atlanta.  Gianoulidis owns several concepts around metro Atlanta, but his Chamblee eatery, The Greek Pizzeria and Gyros, is closest to his heart and pays homage to his family's rich history in the restaurant industry.  In addition to sending well wishes to his brother, Gianoulidis said of the closure "I only hope to be able to carry on the tradition and meet the standard set by my parents and brothers to the best of our ability at The Greek Pizzeria and Gyros."

Do you plan to visit Christos before their January 2024 closure?  What is your favorite East Cobb restaurant?  What would you like to see open in place of Christos in East Cobb?

Please share your thoughts below 


Anonymous said...

This is what, the second or third time they have closed? I remember eating there as a kid in the early to mid 2000s, though I don’t remember where it was exactly. Then in more recent years (still a while ago) when they went by “Kouzina Christos” at Powers Ferry in the parking lot of the Starbucks and the gym. That was one of the worst meals I have ever eaten out anywhere, terrible cheesesteak. I work near the current/soon to be former location and I never see anybody there, maybe I’m just going by at the wrong times but I kind of doubt it. Not surprised to hear they are closing, though I feel bad for any business that goes down.

As for Harry’s Pizza and Subs, that’s a place that was good years ago but turned into a dump a while back. I’m skeptical of any new place that the owners of that are involved with.

Roberta Lynn said...

We were regulars at the Terrell Mill location and visited the Cobb location a few times....always great food and friendly faces. Best of luck to you all and thank you for feeding us all these years...

Anonymous said...

Sad to see them go. Soooo delicious

Anonymous said...

greek pizzeria on clairmont serves the worst tasting pizza in town. For greek pizza, there is none other than Athens Pizza. Greek Pizzeria's pizza is always near burnt and dry.

Anonymous said...

Dude, is it just me and a bunch of opinionated assholes commenting these days??

Anonymous said...

You’re one of them.

Anonymous said...

I second the Athens Pizza comment - have always had nice meals there for 30+ years and the people are always so nice.

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