Saturday, January 13, 2024

[UPDATE] Popular Canadian Coffee & Donut Shop Now Open in Midtown Atlanta

Atlanta's first Tim Hortons is now open!  The new coffee shop and bakery opened as part of an existing BP at the corner of North Avenue and Spring Street, just off I-85 in Midtown.  The new Tim Hortons - "Tims" at 610 Spring Street - replaced what had previously been a Dunkin' franchise.  The new shop marks just the second in the state following the June 2023 opening of a freestanding Tim Hortons in Columbus.  

According to franchise owner Alisha Alibhai, she, along with her parents Nadiya and Amin who run the attached BP, reportedly spent $2 million converting the former Dunkin' to suit the needs of the new Canadian bakery business.  In stark contrast to Dunkin, owned by Atlanta-based Inspire Brands, where donuts and pastries are brought in from offsite commissaries, Tim Hortons insists that its franchise partners bake fresh product in stores, every day.     

For Alibhai, 27, the new Tim Hortons is the first business she is operating personally, and she takes great pride in it, wishing to ensure all customers have a good experience.  

Alibhai had the benefit of learning from some of the operational and service opportunities that have plagued the Columbus location to better prepare her and her team for success in Midtown.  The Columbus unit, owned by a separate franchisee, has an overall rating of 2.4/5 on (17 total reviews) with the only review thus far in 2024 a one star that states: "Disappointed in coffee and food. Coffee has no flavor the food was dry ...never again...threw it away."

To combat these challenges, Alibhai tells ToNeTo Atlanta she has been slowly ramping things up - having quietly opened December 31 - to get her team prepared and trained for what she expects to be a very busy location.  All baked goods are made fresh in store each day, some things like donuts and Timbits are made in small batches multiple times a day. This serves two purposes: it ensures fresh product is available throughout the day and it minimizes waste.  Additionally, all team members are trained on how to bake to limit downtime.  

Tim Hortons Midtown is currently open for drive-thru and take-out seven days a week from 6AM until 8PM but Alibhai tells us she plans to tweak the hours in the future and may test 24 hour service on the weekends if the business supports it.  

Following the first few weeks of soft open days, Alibhai plans to host a "grand opening" during the week of January 22.  Worth noting, too, is that this marks just the first of as many as five Tim Horton's that Alibhai plans to open in metro Atlanta.  Other locations are being considered in DeKalb, Fulton and Gwinnett counties, which could include both standalone and C-store paired units. 

Once part of the Wendy's company, Tim Hortons was purchased by Burger King owner Restaurant Brands International (RBI) for $11.4 billion in 2014.    

In addition to the Columbus and Midtown restaurants, other locations are reportedly in the works at Tara Boulevard and Edgemoor Avenue in Jonesboro, Highway 34 and Posey Road in Newnan and along Peachtree Parkway in Suwanee

Tim Hortons has said that through its franchise partners it plans to have as many as 30 locations open in Georgia by 2027.  

Shipley Do-Nuts, another regionally popular donut shop, entered the Georgia market this past March with an outpost in Cumming.  Another location slated for Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth has seemingly been shelved indefinitely, with Shipley's public relations team no longer responding to our requests for status updates.  

Have you been to Tim Hortons in Atlanta?  What is your favorite Tim Hortons menu item?  If choosing between the Georgia arrivals of Tim Hortons, Shipley Do-Nuts, Dutch Bros. Coffee and Whataburger, which are you most excited about?

Please share your thoughts below. 


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to try Tim Hortons doughnuts. Friends in Ohio always told me that they are nothing special but I love doughnuts. Hopefully I will find them delicious. I was a little disappointed in Shipley Do-Nuts. I drove over an hour from Marietta to Cumming to try them. Good but not a one hour drive great. Shipley Do-Nuts are worth a 10 minute drive but any further is a waste of my gas. I will try Tim Hortons doughnuts and hopefully they will not disappoint. Fingers crossed 🤞

Inside Peachtree Corners said...

Will be visiting soon and looking to report back.

Inside Peachtree Corners said...

Food and service were top notch this morning. Kids enjoyed their muffins and wife's coffee was made right. Only point of contention is there were no glazed Timbits. Just honey, birthday cake, and chocolate available.

Anonymous said...

I got assaulted in the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

@ January 14, 2024 at 9:39 PM - assaulted? Was it a she/her, he/him, they/them, they/they/them or they/her/him/them? Who was it?? I'm scared!

Anonymous said...

The coffee is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Was it you?

Anonymous said...

Midtown is so basic, boring and sterile now, just like its residents I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy Timmy’s coffee, donuts, flavors, and their prices most definitely are much lower than Star Bucks. Travel to Canada I was exposed to Tim Horton’s for many years, a shop on nearly every corner of major cities, opened 24/7 their booming. Canadian’s love their Hockey, Coffee, beer and pot, perhaps this is why they are always so happy and friendly. A Liberal Country being Happy, imagine that! ☺️ That’s a Country with true freedoms, and the best Coffee Chain, Tim Horton’s. Definitely worth the drive from North Georgia, we need more of them really. On every other corner, like Canada.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with Tim's...same birth year as me and also same province, Nova Scotia. They rocked it early on, then sold out to big corp., the food declined but not the coffee or service. They finally reorganized and brought in a better dark roast, and improved the food quality. I was just home last year, so I know how the menu looks, but I guarantee it will be different here. Only bc menus are tweaked for location. I'll make the 40 minute drive to give it a try and can only hope it brings me that 'home' can only try, eh?😁

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