Friday, June 3, 2016

Culver's Confirmed in Canton

Culver's is coming to Canton!

I have now confirmed the previously undisclosed location of Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin-based Culver's in Canton.  The new, approximately 4300 square foot restaurant, will be built in an outparcel Hickory Flat Commons, an existing Kroger-anchored center, located at the intersection of Hickory Flat Highway (SR140) and Hickory Road, in Cherokee county.  

The new freestanding restaurant, which will be situated beside Chase Bank, will have a drive-thru and will also provide inside seating for about 100 patrons.  

Culver's, popular for their frozen custard and signature ButterBurgers, entered the Georgia market earlier this year with a location in Dawsonville, just north of the North Georgia Premium Outlets.  

Typically, Culver's restaurants are open seven days a week, 10:30AM - 10PM and feature a rotating "flavor of the day" frozen custard as well as Wisconsin Cheese Curds and assorted others sides. 

The Canton Culver's is expected to open before the end of the year.

As I was first to report earlier this year, Culver's has a number of new locations in the pipeline in Georgia.  

Culver's is expected to open on Newnan Crossing Bypass in Newnan by mid-July. 

Culver's in Lawrenceville will be on Scenic Highway, just north of The Shoppes at Webb Gin.  The freestanding restaurant will join existing and recently opened freestanding locations of IHOP and Discount Tire.    

In Buford, Culver's will open at 2924 Buford Drive, just south of Mall of Georgia, in an outparcel of Floor & Decor (former BrandsMart USA).  Culver's will join Waffle House and Pep Boys nearby.  The restaurant has yet to break ground but is expected to open before the end of the year. 

In Grovetown, just outside Augusta, Culver's will build a new restaurant in an outparcel of an existing Walmart Supercenter at 4020 Gateway Boulevard.  Culver's will open beside an existing freestanding Arby's, and across the street from an existing Applebee's.   The restaurant is expected to break ground late spring/early summer and should open before the end of the year. 

Are you excited for Culver's in Canton? Where else would you like to see Culver's open?  Freddy's, Steak & Shake or Culver's, what's your favorite?  

Please share your thoughts below.


ImAndy said...

I grew up in Iowa where they have been for years and was never a very popular food destination so I've never understood the hype here in Georgia. To make sure I wasn't missing anything I ate at one of them in west Des Moines Sunday while I was home for memorial day. I dined in and was there for at least 20 minutes and the whole time there was only one other couple enter and two cars in the drive thru. Food was on the level of Wendy's just nothing special but nothing bad. I do not understand what everyone in the south sees in this chain.

They do have cheese curds which are kinda rare here which was a nice change from fries.

Unknown said...

I grew up in Wisconsin and Culver's was always packed. The burgers are better than most fast food burgers. However, I go for the custard and cheese curds! They are really good! I am very excited to see the chain moving closer to the city and hope it will be ITP soon.

Anonymous said...

" I do not understand what everyone in the south sees in this chain."

Frozen Custard. IMO frozen custard is far superior to the ice cream products served at Steak n Shake, Cook Out, DQ, etc. The food itself may be a bit better here or there, but its the frozen custard that will drive the business. The cheese curds sound interesting so must give them a try to see what all the hoopla is over this item. My prediction is these frozen custard franchises will hurt the burger and ice cream product chains. IMO the competition for the market share will be go to Culver's and Freddie's. Cookout should fair okay but personally unimpressed, as they were fabulous in their beginnings in NC. Steak n Shake could be in trouble. Just one person's honest opinion.

Frozen Custard Convert

Unknown said...

Canton Marketplace area is hot right now so there would be a great place! I just got back to GA from 5 weeks in WI and cannot tell you how many times I ate at Culver's.

Anonymous said...

This is huge for the Hickory Flat area. Culver's will be very popular.

vespajet said...

I drove by the future location in Grovetown last week, there's a sign up and that's about it.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Stevens Point, WI for many years and cannot wait to see Culvers here. The restaurant was always clean and the best burger I've ever had!

Anonymous said...

Pot roast sandwich and root beer and fries and oh my the custard

Merryanne said...

My family and I are very excited that we will have a Culver's in our area. One of our family members lives in Minneapolis and we always eat at Culver's when we visit because it is so good. I will probably eat there a lot since it's right on my home from work!

Anonymous said...

Culver's is by far the best fast food burger there is - they're fried in butter people. Crinkle cut fries, fried cheese curds and a friday fish fry make this former Wisco kid very happy. It's a mile or two from my house so my wife said the only way she will let me go there to eat is if I jog there and back. Probably a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Culver's is a great fast casual chain and in addition to the great food and variety, they pay their people well, unlike most of the fast food scumbag owners in Hickory Flat area paying their people at or near mininum wage.

Ever since my first visit to the Dawsonville Outlet location, I have been back many times. And they have so much more than burgers and custard. Since this area has no Steak n Shake anywhere nearby, Culvers will be a huge hit. Also, Chick Fil A will be very disappointed they did not get into this area ahead of Culver's, which is another outstanding fast casual operator like Culver's.

I am checking each day to see if they are open

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